4 Ways Datarails is the Excel Solution You Need

When was the last time that you said, “I LOVE working with spreadsheets? Excel is the most user-friendly software ever invented, and it makes my job so easy because it is intuitive and never fails me.”?

I would be willing to bet you a year’s salary that those sentences have never been uttered in the history of mankind. And why should they be?

Excel is a great tool, and it contains your company’s most valuable information and for runs important processes, but user-friendly and being particularly fun to use, it is not.

Many companies have attempted to develop tools to improve Excel’s functionality, to improve efficiency, compliance, and productivity. But none have come close to what Datarails has been able to do.

Before launching Datarails, our customers told us that one of their biggest struggles was with maintaining version control of their Excel spreadsheets. Now, you are assured that everyone is working from the Single Version of Truth.


Datarails gives you a full, cloud-based solution to manage and analyze data on your Excel spreadsheets, no matter where they reside, whether your spreadsheets are in Sharepoint, a shared folder, or even in your inbox.

Datarails turns Excel into an enterprise solution that syncs the data from your spreadsheets into a structured, centralized database; providing you with a high level of data integrity, simple consolidation, data visualization, and regulatory compliance. All without changing the Excel experience you know and love.


Additionally, Datarails ensures complete data integrity. We’re the first solution to use a logical comparison to identify manual, derived and formula changes. This provides total transparency on every action taken on your spreadsheets.

Datarails’ solution for Excel is packed with benefits that your company will find immediate value in. First and foremost, your data integrity issues will be a thing of the past. Simply put, data integrity determines whether or not your company can achieve cost savings, optimize investments, and gain competitive advantage, as well as how effectively your executives can make critical decisions.


The typical IT services company, with its hundreds of servers, routers, firewalls, and load switches depends heavily on the integrity of its data, yet according to a whitepaper by the Boston Consulting Group, it typically achieves data integrity of only 40%.

Simply put, “the records of what takes place on the network are correct less than half the time.”

Our ability to consolidate all of your data into one centralized database ensures that every member of your team is working on the Single Version of Truth when making changes by preventing parallel updates by using real-time notifications every time a file is updated.

Having access to all of this data means nothing if you can’t visualize what you need to make decisions. Datarails creates stunning, live dashboards of your spreadsheets with easy drill downs and sharing capabilities.


Lastly, all businesses struggle with regulatory compliance, but with Datarails, it’s easy because we give you effective controls over financial reporting and can alert you when abnormal changes are made to your business formulas.

Datarails is the Excel solution that you’ve been looking for because we make it easy for you to ensure that your data is up-to-date and that everyone is working from the Single Version of Truth. You can click here to see a demo, and we will show you specifically how your business can learn “The Smart Way to Excel”.