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Rise Above the Cells

As a seasoned auditor, you deal with so many spreadsheets that you expect to find errors, knowing the chance to catch them is slim.
Imagine a world where Excel has a complete and compliant audit trail.
Imagine a world of 100% Excel data integrity, where there is no question about the source of the data, how it’s been manipulated and by whom.
The DataRails spreadsheet Data Integrity Suite ensures that your customers’ spreadsheets will be as reliable as any other enterprise software.

Drowning in IPEs?

It’s the end of the quarter again, and you are swamped with spreadsheets, as evidenced by endless emails, notes and a client who will not easily accept any deficiencies.
Save more than 50% of your time invested in IPE (information provided by entity) processes by using DataRails’ SOC1-approved IPE management tool. Streamline the entire IPE process, from exporting the system-generated report, to controlling the entire internal testing and auditor approval process.
All while maintaining 100% data integrity and completeness.

Focus on What’s Important

Instead of wasting company resources drilling into spreadsheet details, transform your auditing process using DataRails saves hundreds of audit hours.
With just a click, you can access every change made across every spreadsheet you audit.
Verify data completeness in seconds and execute dozens of automated controls in minutes.

The PCAOB are welcome

There is no longer any need to feel uneasy and make up excuses when the PCAOB inspections hit your office. Feel confident about your team, your work and your data.
Use DataRails’ capabilities to deliver all required information to the PCAOB, including end-to-end audit trail for different IPEs and proof of completion of all required tests in the PCAOB Auditing Standard No. 5.

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