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Financial Data Integrity

As a financial expert, you know full well that data integrity is essential. A single mistake has the potential to harm your company’s reputation, revenue and business insights. DataRails introduces Excel spreadsheet data integrity to ensure that your organization’s spreadsheets are controlled and monitored, and that your enterprise-level data integrity is maintained.

Data Integrity

Accelerate Productivity

Productivity and spreadsheets often do not go together. Emails with spreadsheet attachments that go back and forth across the organization; naming conventions used as a single version of truth control that generate errors, confusion and loss of data, and are a recipe for disaster. Applying advance data integrity controls, DataRails streamlines spreadsheet-based business processes, eliminating the unstructured nature of spreadsheet work. Now you can be sure you are working on the latest version; and you can also view the version history and gain a clear understanding of any change made to any cell in any file.

Alerts/ errors

The amount of data created and updated in your organization day in and day out can be overwhelming. Errors, even if unintentional, can risk an entire operation and are often impossible to detect. With DataRails’ business alerts, you can define specific rules that trigger real-time alerts and give you full control, assuring the quality and integrity of your organization’s data.

Alerts/ error

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance
  • For many years, auditors ignored the risk spreadsheets posed to organizations. While spreadsheets are one of the most widely used enterprise applications, there have been no technological solutions to bring Excel to the levels required by regulatory compliance.

  • DataRails is proud to introduce the first spreadsheet management solution that offers end‑users the power of the spreadsheet fortified with a cutting-edge audit trail and control to make any spreadsheet compliant with all the relevant regulations: Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Solvency II, BCBS 239, SR 11-7, and more.

Identify significant spreadsheet-based business processes

Spreadsheets are everywhere. A mid-sized bank typically has over 500,000 spreadsheets, some of which constitute part of its core business.
Taking advantage of DataRails’ inventory capabilities, you can now identify these data islands as the first step to migrating them to best-of-breed software.

Identify significant spreadsheet-based business
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