By using a single source of shared data accessible to the entire team through the cloud, collaborative financial planning empowers all stakeholders to easily engage with the numbers.

Collaborative Planning

With agile FP&A, you can know make better business decisions, improve performance and collaborative planning. Enjoy the peace of mind that everything you need is in one place to plan, analyze, deliver critical insights and help steer the company in the right direction.

Workflow management

Keep everyone on track, no matter how spread out your accounting team is. DataRails is 100% configurable, allowing you to set custom rules for all your processes. Enjoy 21st-century technology that was built by and for FP&A professionals.

Faster Analysis,
Accurate planning

DataRails planning automates data distribution and collection to ensure you’re always working with the latest data. This allows you to spend more time on analysis, delivering more in-depth insights and being present in business processes.

Trust your data

With DataRails, every value update, comment or change is monitored and logged. Set business rules to make sure that the data you collect stand in the required standards.

Gain full control, trust and compliance

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