Work Smart with Excel

DataRails is an enterprise technology platform that provides an Excel-based solution that enhances the Excel experience while ensuring a higher level of security, control, and data integrity.

DataRails upgrades Excel to an enterprise-grade solution, providing you with better control over your spreadsheets, making them more trustable, and enabling regulatory compliance.

All this, without changing the Excel experience that you know and love.

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Benefits for the End-User
Version Control
A verified, single version of truth is used at all times, across all users and departments.
Collaboration on Excel
You no longer need to share files over email, just chat directly with team members over your Excel spreadsheets.
No Changes to your Excel Experience
With DataRails you upgrade the power of Excel, without changing the way you work with your spreadsheets.
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Enterprise Benefits
Data Integrity
With DataRails, you can trust that your data is 100% accurate.
Business Intelligence
You now have real time, meaningful insights over every Excel spreadsheet, with no extra effort.
Interactive Visualization
With one click, generate meaningful insights from every single Excel spreadsheet in your organization.
Enterprise Benefits
Get your Excel under control!
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