Sales Development Representative


About The Position

We are looking for an energetic, well-spoken Sales Development Representative to join our Sales Development team to assist our company in expanding our customer base.

About Us

DataRails is a financial solution designed for SMEs that turns manual monthly and quarterly reporting processes into automated ones.

The solution allows organizations to move towards working with a cloud-based financial product, all while end-users continue working on their usual Excel files, as they have up until now.

The solution connects to all organizational systems including your ERP, CRM, HRIS, as well as complex Excel files, and consolidates all of this data in one cloud-based database. DataRails automates various financial transformations including FX conversions, eliminations, hierarchies, financial adjustments, and more.

The company’s core clientele is within the US market. DataRails is experiencing tremendous growth even during these difficult times, as especially now organizations need to conduct rigorous financial and business analyses quickly and easily.

About the position

The Sales Development Representative's responsibilities include generating potential leads, soliciting potential customers, facilitating sales, and connecting customers with the right salesperson.

  • Develop sales strategies to draw in potential customer or to solicit new potential customers.
  • Initiate contact with potential customers through cold-calling or responding to inquiries generated from advertisements.
  • Foster relationships with customers to identify their potential needs and qualify their interests and viability to drive sales.
  • Present product information to customers once you have identified their needs.
  • Move solid leads through the marketing funnel, connect them to a salesperson, and arrange meetings, emails, or phone calls.


●      Native English - a MUST.

●     Self-starter with a knack for hitting the ground running

●     Pre-call planning and time management skills

●     Opportunity qualification experience

●     Proficient with standard corporate productivity tools (email, voicemail, MS Office, google docs)

●     Positive and energetic phone skills, excellent listening skills, strong writing skills

●     Excited to work in a high-energy Sales Development team environment; team player

●     Working Monday to Friday US hours

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