Data integrity

DDataRails is a spreadsheet management solution for financial organizations. Our technology provides full control, data integrity and compliance while driving business productivity and efficiency.

Auto backup & version management

DataRails automatically stores each and every saved spreadsheet version in a centralized database, allowing previous versions to be accessed anytime, so you can identify the exact instance an error occurred and recover your work at a click.

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Cell level audit trail

Utilizing patented technology, DataRails keeps track of the spreadsheet logical cell values so you can track important business KPIs. Every modification is monitored, logged and controlled to allow a complete audit trail per cell in your spreadsheets.

auto backup

Logical version comparison

Find the root cause of any discrepancy with a single mouse click by comparing two spreadsheet versions, regardless of the complexity of the data, formulas or linked values. DataRails’ exclusive algorithms identify structural changes such as column or row changes, and changes to sorted or filtered data, highlighting only the actual, meaningful changes that warrant tracking.

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Cell dependencies drill down

Get a detailed, interactive diagram of all cells’ dependencies within a spreadsheet. Drill-down to understand which cells were impacted by a specific manual change, or drill up in order to understand the root cause of a bottom line change.

Cell dependencies

Single version of truth

Move away from outdated naming conventions such as “_final”,” _final2”. With DataRails’ advanced naming and tagging capabilities, each official version will possess a relevant version name and an indicator of final/draft status, which will serve as the organization’s official single version of truth.

Single version of truth

Linked files map

Identify critical data issues ahead of time using DataRails “Linked Files Map”, which delivers a clear picture of how your data might depend on cells in other spreadsheets. Verify which linked files are connected to your spreadsheet, which of them are updated, and receive alerts if you are viewing outdated data.

Logical version comparisonp
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