Accessible Data For All

With DataRails, finance professionals can access and leverage QuickBooks-based financial and operational data independently.

Self-sufficiency translates to cushy support of planning, analysis and reporting needs, driving faster and more effective organizational decisions.

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Reduce Inefficiencies

Automate tedious consolidation processes, save time, and accelerate work cycles

Trust Your Data

Inspect a cell-level audit trail, compare any two spreadsheets, and enjoy full version control

Discover Insights

Perform variance, horizontal, and vertical analyses. Slice and dice data to discover actionable insights

All for data,
and data for all

Donā€™t rely on IT to get things done. With DataRails, navigate QuickBooks-based data easily on your own:

  • Quickly retrieve data from disparate sources
  • Easily manipulate data on Excel or the Insights feature
  • Conduct advanced analyses
  • Create reports and visualizations based on real-time figures

Look forward, not back

Link strategy to your resources by empowering finance professionals with data to drive effective financial planning.

With DataRails, finance becomes a strategic function that delivers valuable, actionable insights to the executive team.

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Bridge between finance and operations to drive better organizational decisions.

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