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Embrace digital transformation

In the past few years we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the style and dynamics of the business working environment. Teams are more agile, more collaborative and drive innovation faster than ever — and the most successful companies have a digital workplace to accommodate this. In vibrant organizations, EUC (End User Computing) plays a vital role as a business enabler that supports innovation, advanced business processes and new initiatives. As part of the digital transformation, every organization needs to decide if it wishes to embrace EUC while finding methods to control them or to ignore these methods and lay a fertile ground for shadow IT solutions.

Data Integrity
DataRails maximized our efficiency and made the current process incredibly effective. It was a big win for us."
WILL LEDERER Senior Finance Manager of Business Systems, ForeScout Technologies
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Single Platform

With the spreadsheet management solution from DataRails, you can build a digital workplace that drives unparalleled productivity, unites all your spreadsheets on a single platform, work securely in the EUCs your users are comfortable with and love, and collaborate seamlessly across the extended enterprise, positioning your business to win in a digital age.

The EUC Challenge

End-user computing, when done the right way, promotes digital transformation, a mobile workforce, a secure platform, and a business that is satisfied with its computing experience.

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Achieving EUC
and Digital Workplace coexistence

The following three elements play a crucial role in every EUC solution:

  1. The solution must support the organization’s goals.
  2. The solution must comply with the regulations and must be controlled by the company IT & compliance teams
  3. The solution must be secure and flexible by design.
Digital Workplace coexistence

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