Work Smarter By Optimizing Processes

With DataRails, financial processes can be completed in a fraction
of the time without asking you to leave the familiar environment
of Excel. Transform tedious, labor-intensive processes into
coherent, simple ones within days.

Revenue Performance Management

Process Automation

Spend time on strategy and analysis, not valueless busywork

Automatic consolidation provides swift access to all the information you need to make healthy business decisions.

  • Forecast more accurately, budget reliably
  • Reduce the likelihood of human error
  • Cut down your manual spreadsheet work by over 3\4
  • Quickly adjust plans according to real-time data and respond nimbly

Data Consolidation

Never be caught off guard by always having the answers

Don’t lose out on priceless information by maintaining a complete, centralized database with all your spreadsheet-based information. Make sure you don’t miss a thing- no gaps, holes, or missing pieces included.

  • Easily access and unify cross-departmental information
  • Improve decision making by centralizing control and management systems
  • Compare budgets with actuals based on accurate real-time data
  • Easily make last-minute changes to your data

Data Integrity

Count on solid foundations for your
business decisions

Have confidence in the validity of your numbers, see where they came from, know who put them there, and decide where they’ll take you.

  • Enjoy full transparency thanks to a cell-level audit trail that shows you the full history of a cell, including values and formulas that have changed over time.
  • Compare any two spreadsheets from any point in time.
  • Don’t doubt the validity of your numbers- trust that you are relying on accurate data.
  • Deliver accurate and actionable information to decision-makers.

Business Insights

Identify opportunities and potential pitfalls

With all your figures unified, drill-down and slice and dice the numbers to extract previously inaccessible insights.

  • Web-based, real-time dashboards that are customizable let you visualize your data as you see fit.
  • Explore potentialities with scenario analysis - “what if” modeling.
  • Exercise in-the-moment decision making, keeping your organization as updated as possible.

Management and
Ad-Hoc Reporting

Empower decision-makers with
accurate reporting

Put together reports in real-time according to specific needs and preferences. Report on individual variables that require special attention and provide management with a solid core for making sound business decisions.

  • Pull issue-specific data for speedy ad-hoc reporting.
  • Identify contingencies quickly and put out fires swiftly.
  • Rapidly extract relevant information to answer any question from management.
  • Provide management with all the data they need to exercise superior judgement.

Process Management

Control your processes, don’t let them control you

Stay ahead of the curve by staying on top of your processes. With DataRails, streamline process management by staying up to speed on real-time project statuses, and easily keep track of every department or branch. Coordinate between disparate teams and departments with ease.

  • Know when reports are submitted and by whom.
  • Real-time status keeps you consistently up to speed.
  • Keep tabs on who met deadlines and who missed them.
  • Lock templates to let employees know once time is up.

Access accurate data and traceability, all in one place, continuously at your disposal.