Take Control Over Your FP&A Processes

Focus on planning and analysis and eliminate endless hours of tedious spreadsheet work by implementing DataRails to your process.

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Automate Your Processes

Initiate business processes by automatically delivering the right data to the right person. Using DataRails’ advanced rule engine that integrates seamlessly with your core finance systems, you can slice and dice the data to match any business criteria.

Control the process from within the DataRails workflow console, reject, comment and approve spreadsheets, and all without sending a single email.

Data Integrity and Control

With DataRails, you can be sure that you’re working on the right file and you can quickly track changes to your spreadsheet so you can see what has been changed, and by whom.

You can also easily access previous versions of your spreadsheet so you can compare data over time.

Automated Data Consolidation

Using DataRails technology, data is instantly sent to DataRails cloud and consolidated automatically every time a user clicks “save.”

You can use the consolidated data with any dashboard tools, import it to your core systems or just use it within an Excel file. All of this is possible without even one copy and paste.

Analysis and Insights

Get your team to focus on what is important and can add the most value: analysis and insights.

Instead of spending days preparing data with endless copying and pasting, focus on rapidly creating real-time dashboards that display important KPI’s.

Share live web-based dashboards with unlimited drill-downs that allow your colleagues and management to make the right decisions for your business.

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