Less repetitive work.
More happy customers.

CFO service providers and fractional CFOs: Save time by automating reporting, so you can give your clients the expertise and strategic insights they truly value

Grow faster, the smart way

Improve your efficiency by minimizing setup for each client  – just clone your financial summary dashboard – and automating reporting and repetitive, manual tasks, while keeping the best of Excel. This lets you offer deeper insights to current clients and increase your customer base.

“By partnering with Datarails to manage our financial reporting and FP&A services, we are able to offer our customers an immense upgrade to their experience and set a high bar for innovation and professionalism.”
Josh Johnson
CPA Partner, Brooks-Keret Financial Management

Give your clients more value

Build long-term engagement through strategic analysis, scenario planning and actionable recommendations – not just reports. View-only FP&A dashboards for clients help them visualize their financials and plan ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

I provide fractional CFO services. Is this relevant for me?

Yes, super relevant! Fractional CFOs often find themselves doing a lot of the same, repetitive tasks time after time. Whether you’re providing CFO services for a young startup with little revenue or a more well-established organization, chances are the setup is pretty similar, as are the P&L and balance sheet formats. Although each company has its own unique KPIs and goals, there tends to be a lot of overlap.

The good thing about repetitive work is that it can be automated, and we can help you do that! Once you do, you’ll have more time to provide the in-depth analysis and recommendations that will make you such a valuable asset to your clients and empower you to expand your customer base with confidence.

How do my customers benefit if I use Datarails for Fractional CFOs?

Datarails helps fractional CFOs to provide an upgraded customer experience for their clients by making it much easier for CFO service providers to offer their customers not just reports (though reports are definitely part of it!) but also the strategic insights that grow their business.

Many companies need help evaluating multiple scenarios, especially in times of uncertainty, and Datarails helps CFO service providers show their clients how they can prepare for the future by evaluating how various changes in their financials can be expected to affect business outcomes. 

Datarails for Fractional CFOs also facilitates smooth collaboration with customers using an online reporting archive and real-time web-based dashboards that provide an intuitive way to showcase your insights visually.

How does Datarails for Fractional CFOs help me expand my customer base?

Datarails automates data consolidation from Excel, accounting and payroll systems, ERPs, CRMs, HRIS and any data system you integrate with. It also automates a lot of the manual and repetitive tasks associated with financial reporting and planning.

That lets you spend less time on manual data collection or copying and pasting. At the same time, you can still work in Excel and maintain your spreadsheet formats, formulas and financial models – or change them if you prefer. You have full control.

Plus you can minimize the onboarding time for new clients.

All that makes it easier to add more customers. And by spending more time on analyzing the data than on collecting it, you’ll also go a long way toward providing more value to your existing customers!

How do dashboards help fractional CFOs and their clients?

Let’s face it: Not everyone loves spreadsheets.

As someone providing CFO services, it’s important not just to understand the data in front of you but be able to provide added value by making actionable recommendations based on the data – and, at least as important, making sure your clients easily understand what you’re talking about and why.

Dashboards are a highly visual way to gain greater visibility into the company’s financials and to tell the story around basic questions your clients are facing, like: How am I doing? Do I have enough money to pay my bills? How can I scale? How can I plan for economic setbacks?

With Datarails, you can build dashboards very easily and provide customers with the ability to drill down into their financials and understand it on their own, or use it to explain how you arrived at your insights and recommendations.