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Eliminate the risk and lack of control by using DataRails as part of your HR process

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There’s no doubt that HR teams hold some of the most confidential data in the organization. Personal details, salaries, employees’ evaluations and more. While most of this data is stored within dedicated solutions, many processes are based on plain spreadsheets with zero security and control.

A simple typo that adds the wrong recipient, or just mixing up data from two departments, can cause enormous damage to an organization.

Spreadsheet Privacy and Security Redefined

Instantly add a security layer on top of any Excel spreadsheet that contains personal or other confidential information.

Using an enterprise role-based permissions and access control ensures that only approved personnel will be able to open the Excel file. Furthermore, DataRails allows you to add a cell-level permission to keep your data safe.

Automated Data Distribution and Collection

Initiate business processes by automatically delivering the right data to the right person. Using DataRails’ advanced rule engine that integrates seamlessly with your core HR systems you can slice and dice the data to match any business criteria.

Control the process from within the DataRails workflow console, reject, comment and approve spreadsheets, and all without sending a single email.

Automated Data Consolidation

Using DataRails technology, every time a user hits the save button when working on the process spreadsheets, the data is instantly sent to DataRails cloud, and consolidated automatically.

You can use the consolidated data using any dashboard tools, import it to your core systems or just use it within an Excel file. All that without even one copy and paste.

Analysis and Insights

Get your HR team members to focus on what is important and where they can add the most value: analysis and insights.

Eliminate the data preparation process and the endless copy and paste by transforming any of your Excel-based HR processes into an enterprise class application.

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