The spreadsheet management solution for insurance companies

DataRails helps insurance companies take control of and securely manage sensitive spreadsheet data.

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DataRails provides a full and comprehensive spreadsheet data integrity and version management solution that meets the highest standards required in a zero-error enviroment.

Using patented technology, DataRails keeps tracks of all spreadsheet versions up to the cell level. With a single mouse click you can compare versions, regardless of template or structure changes. DataRails comparison abilities cover the most complex Excel functions or linked values, including VBA version control.

Every modification is monitored, logged and controlled to allow a complete audit trial. You can see exactly what changes were made to a file and by whom and can instantly retrieve a full file or a specific cell value.


The DataRails Admin Panel includes a spreadsheet analysis dashboard that allows you to monitor all the organization’s spreadsheets. DataRails transforms the spreadsheet black box into a clear, transparent data set that can be easily controlled in real-time.

Recieve a detailed overview of your organization’s critical files, restrict access, enforce security and always get a clear picture of which spreadsheets are often used, by whom and how.


Regulatory mandates such as SOX, Basel |||, Solvency ||, Dodd-Frank Stress Tests (DFAST) and Comprehensive Analysis and Review (CCAR) compel insurance companies to examine and implement rigorous control frameworks which have not been available for spreadsheets up until now. With DataRails, for the first time, you can address spreadsheet compliance management and mitigate risk with features like access control, traceability, file comparison and more.

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