The End of “Shadow IT”

Each Excel-based business process that runs today in the shadows, far from the eyes of IT and BI, becomes a managed application once it is connected to DataRails.

Gain full data integrity and process management transparency and connectivity to all of your organization’s applications without changing the way your end users work today in Excel.

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Complete BI Coverage

Convert any Excel spreadsheet into a reliable, valid source for your BI platform.

DataRails’ patented algorithm automatically identifies the spreadsheet’s structure and “databases” the data into a MongoDB and SQL database.

Connect your existing BI solution – such as Tableau, Qlik, or Cognos – to the DataRails database to pull real-time data from Excel files.

Data Duplication Eliminated

DataRails’ templates repository allows your users to transform any Excel spreadsheet into an official data template stored in an SQL database.

These data templates can be shared and used as a single point of truth for all of your organization’s systems, such as ERP or CRM, and of course, Excel spreadsheets.

Update the original spreadsheet template within Microsoft Excel and you will instantly update data across all connected organization applications.

Critical Business Process Control

Turn the spreadsheet black box into a clear, transparent process that can be easily controlled in real time

Receive a detailed overview of your organization’s critical files – who is using them and who entered new data – and identify unauthorized access and data entries.

Fully Automated Exploration Process

Run DataRails’ spreadsheets exploration tool to instantly allocate and identify all business-related Excel files.

Get clear indications such as file sensitivity, vulnerability and stability and identify problems in your organization’s business processes.

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