Spreadsheet Management with DataRails

Spreadsheets and databases, or end-user computing applications (EUCs), are extraordinarily powerful tools that enable users to store, analyze and manipulate data efficiently.

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The reality is that companies, aside from the wide use of ERP, CRM and other SaaS solutions, still have hundreds or thousands of EUCs lurking in SharePoint or on file shares. Without the right technology, administrators and compliance officers have no efficient means of finding and managing EUCs, and users lack the tools to maximize their value without creating unnecessary business risk.

Automating Discovery, Inventory and Risk Assessment

DataRails Governance Console gives IT and governance teams an easy-to-use, comprehensive way to discover and evaluate EUCs, overseeing all business-related spreadsheets and creating an inventory of files. Each EUC is analyzed and assigned a risk level based on complexity measures and business impact, which can be tailored to the organization’s needs.

In organizations where EUCs are used, managing them is an ongoing process, not a steady state. The DataRails Governance Console solution is designed with this in mind and can run on a scheduled basis to find, incorporate and assess spreadsheets and databases created by users day after day.

Automating the Spreadsheet Management Life Cycle

DataRails Governance Console was designed in close partnership with leading tax and audit firms to satisfy mandates for SOX 404, the NAIC Model Audit Rule, OCC, FSA, Solvency II, Basel II and MiFID. As such, our solution supports all recommended controls, including change control, access control, version control, analytics, backup and archiving, security and data integrity, and segregation of duties. The result is that your mission-critical EUCs are managed with the highest level of integrity and trust throughout their life cycle.

With DataRails Governance Console, organizations can greatly reduce the complexity of managing EUCs and detect errors or fraud before they cause financial losses. Used in tandem with discovery and risk assessment, DataRails Governance Console can greatly reduce the time and expense associated with audits.

Accelerating EUC Review and Approval

Your users need ways to ensure the quality and consistency of the EUCs they rely on, but manually tracking and managing changes to shared EUCs can be difficult and time consuming.

DataRails Badge enables users to graphically compare two files, including formulas, errors, calculated values, links, data connections, structural changes, formatting and names.

Using DataRails Workflow management, your users can independently set simple workflows, as well as permissions and control, in real time for the entire business process.

Automating Diagnostics and Error Checking

Organizations relying on spreadsheets for financial calculations, business analysis and other mission-critical tasks need to know that their models are error-free.

DataRails Badge offers end users unique, real-time error identification that instantly alerts them of errors and violations of organizational templates or business logic.

For IT admins and governance teams, DataRails Governance Console analyzes workbooks, cells and cell dependencies to deliver full control with over 40 diagnostics.

Whether analyzing existing spreadsheets or creating new ones, DataRails Badge and DataRails Governance Console help companies build quality into the models they rely on for important business functions.

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