Governance & control

Gain full control of your team, department or organization’s spreadsheets and mitigate compliance challenges and related risk. Using advanced monitoring and control tools, DataRails complies with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Solvency II, BCBS 239 and SR 11-7.

Enterprise spreadsheet inventory

Locate and manage all your organization’s EUC spreadsheets, identify and monitor critical spreadsheet-based processes and users, and reveal hidden data islands so that you can connect them to the organization’s core systems.

auto backup

Monitor suspicious manual changes

Ensure that no accidental or intentional spreadsheet changes remain unverified. Track any spreadsheet change that requires your attention by easily setting business alerts for specific spreadsheets’ KPIs.

auto backup

Cell level audit trail

Easily understand the root cause of bottom line changes using DataRails’ enterprise-level audit trail. Employing patented technology, DataRails keeps track of spreadsheet logical cell values so that you can track important business KPIs. Every modification is monitored, logged and controlled to allow a complete audit trail that meets the highest standards.

Logical version comparisonp

Locate suspicious files

Easily trace files containing problematic information such as PII, a large number of errors, or hidden information to proactively confront such risks.

trace files
Locate suspicious files image
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