Where Innovation Meets FP&A

Transform your tedious, labor-intensive processes into coherent, simple ones within days.

Keep doing what you’re doing, but better

DataRails’ finance solution revolutionizes the way FP&A work is done. With our patented technology, automatically consolidate and store all your Excel based data on a cloud-based centralized database. Unique algorithms optimize your Excel-based processes by automating your spreadsheet work, all without asking you to change a thing.

Reduce Inefficiencies

Automate tedious consolidation processes, save time, and accelerate work cycles.

Trust Your Data

Get the whole story behind your figures- inspect a cell-level audit trail, compare any two spreadsheets from any point in time, and enjoy full version control.

Discover Insights

Exercise drill-downs to the lowest level line-item and extract insights that were previously inaccessible.

One solution for all your pressing business processes

  • Budgeting, forecasting, and planning
  • Financial close management
  • Variance analysis
  • Revenue performance management

Reduce Inefficiencies

Save time and accelerate work cycles by replacing manual and tedious consolidation with automated processes. Capitalize on gained time by spending it on value-added tasks.

Trust Your Data

Without leaving the comfort of Excel, benefit from immediate data integrity as you keep working on your native spreadsheet. Easily understand where your numbers come from and trust that they are accurate. 

  • View the full history of a cell, including values and formulas that have changed markedly over time
  • Compare any two spreadsheets from any point in time
  • Enjoy full version control

DataRails provides me with the highest level of data integrity, and their outstanding data insights help us make better business decisions.

Bryan Alves, Finance Analyst, Annaly Capital

Bryan Alves, Finance Analyst, Annaly Capital See more Success Stories >

Switching to DataRails was like wearing glasses for the first time. Suddenly, everything was sharper, clearer and made more sense.

Rob Grasso Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey

Rob Grasso Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey See more Success Stories >

DataRails maximized our efficiency and made the current process incredibly effective. It was a big win for us.

WILL LEDERER Senior Finance Manager of Business Systems, ForeScout Technologies

WILL LEDERER Senior Finance Manager of Business Systems, ForeScout Technologies See more Success Stories >

Discover Insights

DataRails’ patented technology structures and stores all your Excel-based information on a centralized database. With all of your Excel-based data merged and located in one place, easily pull relevant past and present information for real-time analysis of any possible scenario. 

With our effortless, automated, and accurate solution, you can finally spend less time putting the numbers together and more time thinking about what they mean.

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