Innovative technology designed
with the end-user in mind

DataRails’ innovative AI technology connects all spreadsheet data with data from any ERP, GL, CRM, or other transactional system of choice. Our machine-learning algorithmic technology examines and interprets your data as a human eye would, in a fraction of the time.

Innovative technology
Innovative technology

Make sense of your data,
all your data

DataRails is able to take both your structured and unstructured spreadsheet data (including cell values, formats, formulas and relations, macros, etc.) to create a logical, centralized database. With DataRails, even your most complex spreadsheets can be processed and stored.

Bring all your figures together

With all your organizational data centralized and consolidated on our cloud-based structured database, conduct extensive comparisons including the examination of up-to-date actuals with budgets. Easily view, control, and visualize all data that is connected to the platform.

Innovative technology

Deliver presentations with confidence and ease

With DataRails’ unique Office native integration, pull data from your database to Excel, Word, or Powerpoint. 
Watch as live embedded charts update figures on the spot, in real-time.  

Security you can trust

Reduce the risk of data loss with the centralization of all sensitive numbers.
DataRails stores all your consolidated data securely on the cloud Azure, ensuring
that your data is fully protected. 
With DataRails, rest assured that your data is entrusted within a solution that meets
the highest standards required in a zero-error environment. Your valuable
information is stored, protected, and safely accessed- always.

Innovative technology

Solid, secure foundations for better business decisions.