Transform your organization’s spreadsheets into clear source of data. Gain valuable insights by consolidating multiple spreadsheets. Build web-based dashboards with advanced slice and dice capabilities and share them with your colleagues.

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Web-based, real time dashboards

DataRails offers a real-time picture of your spreadsheet data at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports and dashboards from anywhere.

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File and data consolidation

Consolidate numerous spreadsheets into a unified, structured database that is impervious to template changes and to abbreviations of terms. Export the consolidated database back to Excel or query it using DataRails insights or any other BI tool.

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File and data

Add web KPIs

DataRails delivers a clear picture of possible outcomes based on a variety of potential scenarios.

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create kpi 001

Share with colleagues and management

Share an interactive web-based, real time dashboard based on your spreadsheet data to visualize the bottom line and not the underlying Excel source. You no longer need to email multiple attachments as DataRails’ dashboard will update automatically each time you update the source spreadsheet.

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