eBook: Planning for Business Agility

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Cloud based planning platforms enable finance to lead a nimble, agile, planning and analytics process within their organization. Finance holds the key to crisis response agility thanks to modern cloud solutions that enable flexible and informed decision making.


Despite the significance of digital transformation, CPA Practice Advisor has presented the following statistics:

  • Only ¼  believe their business is currently on the cutting edge
  • Nearly 1/3 identify digital skills as a key gap in their organization
  • 4/5 finance leaders believe their teams currently lack the skills to optimize the effectiveness of any AI rollout


How can CFOs facilitate digital transformation? How can they enable nimble and agile planning processes with little to no change to work processes? We explain in our latest eBook. 

This eBook covers:

How to establish a single version of truth?

Elevating single version of truth to Drive a higher ROI

successful use of single version of truth in a successful organization