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The DataRails Product

Data Integrity

DataRails provides a full and comprehensive spreadsheet data integrity and version management solution that meets the highest standards required in a zero-error environment.

Auto backup & version management

DataRails stores the different versions of the spreadsheets while using cloud capabilities. Prior versions can be accessed anytime, so you can find the exact moment a mistake has occurred and recover your work at a click.

Logical version comparison

With a single mouse click you can compare two spreadsheet versions, regardless of the complexity of the data, formulas or linked values. DataRails unique algorithms identify structural changes such as column and row changes, sorting and filtering tables and highlights only the actual, meaningful changes which should be tracked.

Cell dependencies drill down

Get a detailed, interactive diagram of all cell’s dependencies within a spreadsheet. Drill down to understand which cells were impacted by a specific manual change, or drill up in order to understand the root cause of a bottom line changes

Linked files map

DataRails “Linked Files Map” enables you to get a clear picture of how your data might depend on cells in other spreadsheets. Verify which linked files are connected to your spreadsheet, which of them are updated and alerts you if you are viewing outdated data.

Machine learning

Governance & control

Regulatory mandates such as SOX, Basel III, Solvency II, Dodd-Frank Stress Tests (DFAST) and Comprehensive Analysis and Review (CCAR) compel insurance companies to examine and implement rigorous control frameworks which have not been available for spreadsheet up until now. With DataRails, for the first time, you can address spreadsheet compliance management and mitigate risk.

Proactive spreadsheets management

Get full control of your enterprise spreadsheets. DataRails Admin Panel includes a spreadsheet analysis dashboard that allows you to monitor all the organization’s spreadsheets.

Full spreadsheet audit trail

Using patented technology, DataRails keeps track of the spreadsheet logical cell values so you can track important business KPIs. Every modification is monitored, logged and controlled to allow a complete audit trail that meets the highest standards.

Spreadsheet data loss prevention

DataRails ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive or critical spreadsheets. Using a unique, ground-breaking technology that elevates Excel native security, DataRails make sure that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously open spreadsheets without a dedicated permission.

Template management

Make sure your entire team is working on the latest template using DataRails template manager. Easily prevent errors and mistakes by identifying in real time users who are working on outdated templates and enforce updated template usage.

Real time alerts

Get informed on any change done to a spreadsheet that require your attention by easily setting business alerts on specific spreadsheets KPIs.


DataRails allows you to take control over the unstructured spreadsheet based processes. For the first time you can get a clear picture of your team’s status, automate data consolidation and get real-time insights from your spreadsheet data.

Web based, real time dashboards

DataRails offers a real-time picture of your spreadsheet data at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports and dashboards from anywhere. Create dedicated designed PDF files with a click of a button, tailored to all your recipients' needs.

Data over time (time series)

DataRails allows you to get a clear picture of data over time. With a click of a button you can view changes up to the cell level and identify trends of your KPIs.

File and data consolidation

DataRails normalizes each spreadsheet. It is agnostic to structure and template changes and can automatically consolidate any spreadsheet.

Automated data distribution and collection

With DataRails you can streamline all your spreadsheet-based collection and distribution process. You no longer have to spend endless hours in manually updating your team with template or data changes. You can view in real-time each team member’s status during the process.

Scenario analysis ("what if" analysis)

DataRails allows you to get a clear picture of possible outcomes based on a variety of potential events.
Data engine
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