Budgeting and Forecasting

Benefit from organized, accessible, and accurate data for all your financial processes.

Budget reliably with
error-free numbers

Have confidence in your numbers thanks to automated databasing of numbers from across your organizational systems. Estimate finances for future periods and plan operations accordingly.

Implement rolling forecasts with ease

Adopt rolling forecasts to stay focused on the future rather than focusing solely on the current calendar year. Utilize real data sets and their changes to update predictions for future use.

DataRails provides me with the highest level of data integrity, and their outstanding data insights help us make better business decisions.

Bryan Alves
Associate, Corporate FP&A, Annaly Capital

What used to take me five hours now takes me 15 minutes.

Gregory Henry
Director of Treasury, AGNC

I’m seeing so much value from DataRails. I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Marc Stewart
CFO, Lipsey Logistics

“Switching to DataRails was like wearing glasses for the first time. Suddenly everything was sharper, clearer, and made more sense.”

Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey

Keep track of capital and operational expenses

Track capital expenditures and automate depreciation and amortization calculations. Access in real time a breakdown of OPEX to strategically plan and allocate future expenditures.

Predict workforce needs with headcount planning

Centralize headcount requests and calculate salary increases & commissions to improve workforce planning processes.

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