Bauer Hockey, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice hockey equipment, fitness, skates, and apparel was facing an operational headache. The company holds 60% of the market share of US ice hockey equipment, and collects sales figures in the form of Excel files from dozens of retailers. Before adding DataRails to its operation, Bauer Hockey received and consolidated these files every month to get a full picture of the operation.

DataRails transformed our consolidation process and helped us use our data more strategically.

Rob Grasso, Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey

“Our product catalog includes many products such as helmets, gloves, sticks, skates, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and goalie equipment, and every retailer submits files using a different template,” says Rob Grasso, Director of Global Sales Operations at Bauer Hockey. “As a result, we were spending endless hours consolidating the data and checking for potential errors, with no structured way of validating whether there were, in fact, errors in the data.

This highly involved process had us spending more time creating a consolidated file than actually analyzing the data collected.

Plus, because the consolidation process was done manually, there was no efficient way for us to compare and get instant insights into the data.”

Grasso’s goal was to create dashboards and data visualization to reveal trends and business insights, but he simply had no time to work on it.


As soon as DataRails transformed Bauer Hockey’s Excel files into an enterprise solution, the hockey equipment company obtained instant insights into the performance of its operations, dramatically saving time and reducing the number of errors. The company’s new data collection and consolidation process is automated. DataRails’ backend databasing allowed data to be consolidated instantly, even if the retailer happened to change rows or columns on the template.

DataRails’ interactive financial dashboards made it possible for Bauer Hockey to receive more value from its data. “The system allows us to drill down and see trends and actionable insights in order to make the decisions that improve the performance of our company’s operations,” says Grasso. Bauer Hockey can now focus on getting insights out of the data, as opposed to spending the time collecting and organizing it.

Additionally, because the DataRails system automatically highlights the changes and indicates any anomalies in the data, Grasso’s level of confidence in the data rose.

I now have a complete and comprehensive hands-off solution to manage my financial operations data, which affords me additional control and a bird’s-eye view over the entire process.

All of this was done using the same Excel Bauer Hockey had been using for years and without the need to create and implement a new process. With the click of a button, Bauer Hockey gained a quick and powerful solution — and saw immediate results.