The FP&A Community Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to set the tone for a respectful and vibrant community where professionals can connect and learn from each other:

Get Involved: Dive into the discussions and share! We value active participation and invite you to contribute meaningfully to discussions. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Share Valuable Content: Contribute insights, tips, and best practices to enrich the community. Avoid spam and repetitive posting. Let’s make every interaction count.

Professional conduct: Let’s maintain a respectful atmosphere. Treat others with courtesy and kindness, even if you disagree. We’re all professionals here, so let’s keep it classy. Avoid aggressive or disrespectful behavior.

No Sales Pitches: We encourage you to share relevant professional resources in a respectful manner. Please refrain from excessive self-promotion, and do not use the group to advertise, solicit sales, or perform customer research. Let’s focus on meaningful conversations and collaboration.

Confidentiality: Be mindful of confidentiality and follow legal requirements. Don’t share sensitive information without permission, and ensure your contributions comply with relevant laws. Let’s keep things above board.

Speak Your Mind: Have ideas for improvement? We’re all ears! Your feedback is valuable in shaping our community. Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions and help us grow together.

If you’re unsure about whether your post meets our community guidelines, feel free to reach out to the community managers to ask for guidance. Thank you for your cooperation, and let’s make this space a great place to be!

What is the FP&A Community?

A global community and resource hub for modern FP&A leaders like you

This is a Slack channel and wider community for anyone in FP&A. More than that, it is a safe space to connect with finance leaders from around the world who are dealing with similar challenges and willing to give real-time advice

Some FP&A Community members

Anders Liu-Lindberg

Partner & CCO Business Partnering Institute

Paul Barnhurst

Veteran FP&A leader and Founder of The FP&A Guy

Asif Masani

FP&A Manager, Coursera, and author of All About FP&A

Christian Wattig

Head of FP&A Prep
(Ex-Unilever and P&G)

Annette De Young

FP&A Solutions Consultant

Carl Seidman

CSP, CPS Seidman, FP&A Leader who works with Fortune 500 Companies

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