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What is the FP&A

A global community and resource hub for modern FP&A leaders like you

This is a Slack channel and wider community for anyone in FP&A. More than that, it is a safe space to connect with finance leaders from around the world who are dealing with similar challenges and willing to give real-time advice

Our Three Pillars

Be Professional

Be an advocate for each other by responding thoughtfully to questions, and respecting one another.

No Sales

The group is a safe place for finance leaders to gather and have candid discussions.


Please refrain from excessive self-promotion, and do not use the group to advertise, solicit sales, or perform customer research.


The Financial Planning & Analysis Podcast

Every week, FP&A Today welcomes a leader from the world of financial planning and analysis to discuss some of the biggest stories and challenges in the world of FP&A. We’ll provide you with actionable advice about financial planning and analysis. Join them after the episode for an AMA over at our slack channel.

Some FP&A Community members

Anders Liu-Lindberg

Partner & CCO Business Partnering Institute

Paul Barnhurst

Veteran FP&A leader and Founder of The FP&A Guy

Asif Masani

FP&A Manager, Coursera, and author of All About FP&A

Christian Wattig

Head of FP&A Prep
(Ex-Unilever and P&G)

Annette De Young

FP&A Solutions Consultant

Carl Seidman

CSP, CPS Seidman, FP&A Leader who works with Fortune 500 Companies

The global community
for FP&A Leaders

A community by