Chemical Manufacturing FP&A: How to Win Big

February 29th, 2024
10 a.m Eastern

Join Andrew Childress, Datarails FP&A Solutions Consultant and expert in Chemical Manufacturing and FP&A tools for this special roundtable.

Andrew brings 10+ years experience leading FP&A at companies including Eastman Chemical Company. The session is for those who want to win big at all aspects of FP&A and work in finance within companies in the chemical manufacturing industry.

The topics covered in this roundtable:

  • Secrets to finding your most profitable customers in a chemical manufacturing company
  • Where you are losing margins and how to find out quickly
  • Giving execs the decision-making data they need faster
  • Tackling supply chains and interest rates challenges
  • AI in FP&A for chemical manufacturing: a demo
  • An FP&A tool that easily integrates with all ERPs including industry standards such as Datacor (formerly Chempax)

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Your Speaker

Andrew Childress

FP&A Solutions Consultant at Datarails

Andrew is an expert at the intersection of finance and technology who has led FP&A teams over more than a decade at companies including Eastman Chemical, Flint Group, and One Inc. An in-demand speaker Andrew has delivered keynote speeches on FP&A including at the Association for Finance Professionals (AFP).

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