Learn how Datarails can simplify your financial reporting, planning and visualization, so you can spend less time collecting the data and more time analyzing it.

Introduction to Datarails


Welcome to Datarails Academy

Datarails is the financial planning & analysis platform that empowers finance teams to keep using their own Excel financial models and spreadsheets. 


Flex your spreadsheet with Datarails Excel add-in for FP&A

Supercharge your spreadsheet with Datarails Flex, the Excel add-in for FP&A, and access financial planning and analysis tools from inside your workbook.


Streamline financial processes with Datarails Workflows

Streamline your financial processes, make collaboration easy, and help your business grow.


Access your data in one place with Datarails integrations and data consolidation

Integrate with your accounting software, ERP, CRM, HRIS, payment system, etc. to consolidate the data from your Excel spreadsheets and data systems.


Why fractional CFOs need Datarails

With Datarails, FCFOs can automate repetitive processes and use their time to provide in depth analysis to clients in parallel to expanding their customer base.

Financial reporting


Automate financial reporting with Datarails

Get your financial reporting done faster by automating repetitive tasks like preparing your P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement. 



Speed up financial planning with Datarails

Bring your numbers together so you can bring order to your budget collection process and see budgets, actuals and forecasts all in one place.



Budget season can be a time-consuming headache, as you locate all the financials you need and send different versions of the budget back and forth. With Datarails, you’ll be ready for budget season without breaking a sweat.



Forecasting is an important component of financial planning, but that doesn’t mean it has to take as much time as you might think. Keep using Excel, and speed up the process with automation.


Scenario Analysis

Prepare for the best case, worst case and anything in between, with the flexibility to keep working with your Excel financial models, create new ones or change your assumptions on the fly.

Data visualization


Let your data tell the story with Datarails

Create transparency in your organization by making it easy for stakeholders to understand the story behind the numbers. Gain strategic insights to drive the company forward.


FP&A Dashboards

Customize and optimize your FP&A dashboard to see all your financials and industry KPIs at a glance.