Say hello to your financial planning partner

Datarails is the virtual planning partner that makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. Because budgeting and forecasting shouldn’t be a solo job.

Stop the ping-pong

Work together smoothly with other teams by keeping all communication about the budgets and forecasts in one place. Track file versions, feedback and status for each department and stakeholder.

“We’re growing, so I’ve got to have the flexibility that the company needs to do that financial planning. I really could not do that very frequently before using Datarails, and now I can.”
Bradley McKnight
CFO, FreightWise

Plan for what’s next

Data-driven projections are crucial to preparing for the future. So is the flexibility to choose which metrics you’d like to forecast – and how often. Revenue? Costs? Cash flow? Headcount? We’ve got you covered, through next week, next month, next quarter or next year.