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We can’t wait to share all the pricing info you need to turn your Excel into a lean, mean FP&A machine, since every finance team has their own unique needs

How much does Datarails cost?

We tailor each package to custom-fit your needs, based on factors including the financial reporting, planning or analysis goals you want to achieve (which we call “use cases”), and the number of users and integrations. Fill out the form on this page to get pricing for the solution that meets your needs best.

Do reports, dashboards or PowerPoints cost extra?

No, there is no limit to the number of outputs you can have with Datarails. Create as many reports, dashboards or PowerPoints as you need for your finance or operations team, management or board reporting, or any stakeholders within or outside your organization. They’re fully customizable, and because they’re based on the data consolidated by Datarails, they can also be updated in real time and you can even drill down to answer questions on the spot.

Why should I pay for Datarails when I already have Excel?

Do you live in Excel? So do we! Excel is an irreplaceable tool for finance professionals – that’s why we don’t think you should replace it, we think you should supercharge it. With a Datarails license, you get both Datarails Flex, the Excel add-in for FP&A, and a web app that stores your data securely in the cloud.

So you can stay in Excel – and keep your financial models and all the flexibility you normally have – without worrying about heavy spreadsheets that freeze on you and take forever to open, or having to figure out if you’re in the latest version. You’ll be able to collaborate with team members and access your financials no matter which spreadsheet or data system the numbers came from, how the data’s structured, or where in the world you’re located (as long as you have Internet access!).

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“We, as a finance and FP&A team, have a lot more time to actually drive into results and do relevant analytics to help the company’s decision-making process.”
Keith Deaton
CFO, Echo Engineering, Production Supplies