The Financial Platform for the Office of the CFO

FinanceOS, the operating system for finance, is the revolution you have been waiting for to transform your reports, analyses, forecasts, and financial processes. FinanceOS ingests and consolidates financial data from across your company (including previously disparate Excel files) delivering a single source of truth for your finance department.

FinanceOS Benefits

Cross-company alignment

Your finance team and the rest of the organization will now be able to see a clear and consistent overview of your company’s performance, and keep track of your company’s financial health in real-time.

From manual work to automation

No longer spend hours and days manually working with multiple different Excel files or software and tech stacks which don’t talk to each other. Enjoy instant updates in seconds, freeing you up for more valuable and strategic finance work.

Stay with your own Excel files

Keep working in Excel and keep your financial models. But now you benefit from a unified database, version control, and dashboarding.

More time for data analysis

Automating these time-consuming manual processes paves the way for finance teams to spend more time analyzing data and minimal time collecting it. FinanceOS users report at least 10X more value to their business including answering essential strategic questions and producing outstanding revenues.

Tailored to your OKRs and KPIs

Consolidate your data based on the organization’s exact needs and shifting challenges. Allocations, eliminations, FX, and other financial calculations are included as standard.

Get started with the Financial Statements Module

In just two weeks of onboarding time, our most popular module will empower your business with best-in-class reports, dashboards, and presentations, including P&L reports, balance sheets, cashflows, board reports, and dashboards.

Additional Modules we offer

*These modules are priced separately