Flex your spreadsheet with
the Excel add-in for FP&A

Keep working in Excel while automating
time-consuming manual processes
with the power of the cloud

Supercharge your Excel

With Datarails Flex, access these FP&A tools inside
your workbook. Some of the most popular:
• Variance analysis
• Roll forward or backward
• Drilldown

“The thing that attracted me to the Datarails solution most was its flexibility. You’re able to import existing Excel models into the solution and use what works best from your current Excel operating environment in the four walls of Datarails.”
Keith Deaton
CFO, Echo Engineering

Use Datarails Flex as your gateway to powerful analysis and visualization

Datarails Flex connects your Excel workbooks to the entire company’s consolidated data. Get your automated reporting, budgeting and forecasting done faster with online workflows, and access powerful analyses and the dashboards that tell your story.