Turning Excel into an Enterprise-Grade Platform.

About Us

We’ve spent a good few dozens of years in the corporate world, and every 3 months we were once again hard at work, crunching the budget and the forecasts. While the finance and budgeting demands are easy to understand, we should not forget the latest data-driven trend that’s changing how companies across many industries manage their businesses. Where do we all go to budget, forecast, and crunch numbers? Exactly, we turn to Microsoft Excel. But as powerful Excel is, it lacks the team experience, the rigor and the compliance required in large enterprises.
That’s where we come in. We put our minds and hearts together and created a comprehensive solution that upgrades Excel to an enterprise-grade platform. DataRails is a unique technology solution that tracks, controls, and manages spreadsheets at the enterprise and business level, with no change to the end-user Excel experience. DataRails is the only platform that fully tackles the problem of the Single Version of Truth, by verifying your version, and your team's version of excel spreadsheets, promoting financial integrity in your company and providing better control. It’s your turn now, try it out!
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Didi Gurfinkel

Co-Founder & CEO

Didi was previously a GM at Cisco. He has extensive senior management experience with a focus on growth and innovation. Didi oversees business, strategy and operations. He holds a B.Sc in economics and computer science, and an MBA in business management.

Eyal Cohen

Co-Founder & CPO

Eyal is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in product and general management. His previous startup, WalkMe, revolutionized the way visitors experience websites. He holds a B.Sc in industrial engineering, and an MBA in business management. As the CPO at DataRails, Eyal guides product strategy, managing and aligning those efforts with marketing and sales.

Oded Har-Tal

Co-Founder & CTO

A technology enthusiast, Oded is an expert in algorithms and machine learning. Oded holds a B.Sc in mathematics and computer science, and an M.Sc in computer science. At DataRails, Oded guides the development of the technical architecture of our innovative enterprise solution.

Lori Brigg

VP Customer Success

Lori is responsible for driving maximum value and satisfaction from DataRails product. She brings extensive experience in building customer success programs for financial and e-commerce customers. Lori holds a BA in psychology and economics and an MBA in management of technology and innovation, both from Tel Aviv University.

Richard Woolf

Senior VP Global Sales

Richard is an expert in creating customized sales models, as well as building and training sales teams that drive revenue growth. He has over two decades of experience in software sales at leading enterprises and multinationals, including his most recent position as executive vice president of global at WalkMe. Richard holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Town.

Lisa Balter Saacks

Chief Commercial Officer

Lisa Balter Saacks has over two decades of business development & executive management experience in FinTech and financial services. Focused on revenue growth and partnerships, she is responsible for expanding the US market. Lisa holds degrees from Columbia University and the University of Michigan.

Adi Enoch

VP Human Resources

Adi focuses on the DataRails organizational culture, including talent acquisition, building teams, managing career paths, implementing organizational business goals and keeping employees happy. She was educated at Tel Aviv University and brings a wealth of experience managing global HR teams at various companies.
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