Visualize Data with the Best Financial Dashboard for FP&A Professionals

Financial dashboards help finance professionals track and analyze the financial performance of their organization. By creating a financial dashboard, finance professionals can visualize their numbers in a meaningful way that can contribute to understanding the numbers. 

Many professionals are used to using BI tools to visualize their data.

Common visualization tools

Tools like Sisense and Tableau are often leveraged to visualize data. However, DataRails takes data visualization to a new level.

What makes DataRails unique is the ability to take all your data, whether it be based in an Excel spreadsheet or your CRM, consolidate it, and visualize it beautifully in a web-based dashboard. This way, you can truly leverage every piece of information you have towards decision-making.

Examine the big picture

When presenting financial reports or numbers, showcase a comprehensive view of your data with financial dashboards that reflect the historical and projected activity. Easily create dashboards that reflect expected and current numbers, and focus on the financial KPIs that mean the most to you. 

With DataRails, you can create dashboards in Excel and export them to DataRails’ Insights visualization feature, and even to Powerpoint. 

For example, here’s one such dashboard:

The DataRails dashboard environment uses an assortment of graph types, from the most commonly used column, pie and line charts to spider charts and gauges. Each graph highlights specific aspects and assists in driving meaningful insights from the collected data.

The main capabilities of the dashboard include:

  • Visualize and analyze the data extracted from the files
  • Roll pp
  • Drill-down
  • Slice & dice
  • Share by permission

Key capabilities of a financial dashboard 

Powerful financial dashboards are able to bring together multiple sources of data to provide a complete and accurate financial picture. Finance professionals can then explore this unified set of data whichever way they please, straight within the dashboard. Observe key operational metrics, delve into interactive charts and tables, and explore your numbers. 

Real-time, accurate data

With DataRails, you can easily examine consolidated numbers from disparate sources thanks to automated consolidation of all organizational data, irrespective of data structure. And when you present the business landscape to decision-makers, the solution’s single-click drill downs will allow you to confidently back up answers on the fly to their questions, should they arise.

Objectivity and accuracy are vital. CEOs need to know where things stand, for better or for worse, and as soon as possible. DataRails has a live embedded charts feature that is perfect for this. When you present your report, your figures and charts update on the spot thanks to real-time, live charts.

Build a dashboard that delivers insight

Give decision-makers a quick refresher of how things were and how they are now before telling them where things seem to be going. Drill down into the numbers to explain root causes. Comprehensive coverage of the past and present will give them the perspective they need to look into the future.

Visuals can help with this and convey your message in a straightforward way. DataRails’ Insights feature is excellent for this. The web-based, real-time dashboards are fully customizable, allowing you to visualize your financial data as you see fit. Look into whatever factors you’d like to examine including trend analysis graphs, financial statements, and actual vs. budget comparisons. 

DataRails is the best FP&A software that can help you ensure that decision makers see exactly what they need to see in order to make the best decisions for the organization. With DataRails, deliver to decision makers what they need, exactly when they need it.