21st-Century Technology Built By and For FP&A Professionals

With DataRails’ CPM solution, have some peace of mind knowing that all your
Excel-based data is easily accessible in one place. 

Revenue Performance Management

Reduce Unnecessary Inefficiencies

Let DataRails take care of repetitive work including consolidation and data aggregation as you focus on value-added responsibilities, accelerate your work cycles, and improve time management.

DataRails’ automated platform saves time, no longer making you choose between what were once necessary manual processes and value-added work.

Have confidence in your numbers

DataRails continuously structures, stores, and updates all your Excel-based data on a cloud-based centralized database, resulting in built-in data integrity. Finally, easily understand where your numbers come from and trust that they’re accurate. Count on one version of the truth, and trust that it’ll help you make the right decisions.

  • View the full history of a cell, including values and formulas that have changed over time
  • Compare any two spreadsheets from any point in time
  • Benefit from full version control

Uncover previously hidden insights

With all Excel-based data merged and located in one place, easily pull all relevant information for real-time analysis of any possible scenario and exercise drill-downs to the lowest level line-item. With increased transparency, uncover insights formerly inaccessible and invisible to the eye.

Access accurate data and traceability all in one place,
continuously at your disposal.