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It All Comes Down to One Cell

Between us, you are not comfortable when you send your final reports to management. You have tested the data over and over and yet, there’s a nagging fear that the junior analyst made but one mistake inputting data, that someone missed a formula, or that there’s a broken link somewhere that will be found too late.

Your reputation and career should not hang on a specific cell in a spreadsheet.

DataRails introduces the Excel spreadsheet Data Integrity Suite to ensure that you can trust your data and your team.

Insure Your Career

Imagine if you could buy an insurance policy for your day-to-day work outcome by paying just a small monthly fee. It protects you if the solvency report doesn’t match the required reserves, enables you to analyze every single operation throughout the process and still go back in time to fix a specific mistake. In doing so, you prevent publishing a false report that is rejected by management and gets a “fail” from the auditors.

DataRails stores every spreadsheet version that is saved across your department, identifies and alerts you of errors and allows you to understand exactly who performed what action, and when.

One Click to Meet Solvency II Standards

While enterprise best of breed applications have built-in controls to ensure the appropriateness, completeness and accuracy of the data within them, Excel does not. It is common for Solvency II audits to be rejected because extensive spreadsheet usage lacks appropriate controls.

DataRails’ Data Integrity Suite seamlessly elevates any spreadsheet to an enterprise-grade data source.

Accelerate Productivity

Productivity and spreadsheets often do not go together. Emails with spreadsheet attachments that go back and forth across the organization; naming conventions used as a single version of truth control that generate errors, confusion and loss of data, and are a recipe for disaster. Applying advanced data integrity controls, DataRails streamlines spreadsheet-based business processes, eliminating the unstructured nature of spreadsheet work. Now you can be sure you are working on the latest version; and you can also view the version history and gain a clear understanding of any change made to any cell in any file.

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