Powerful Financial Analytics.
Real Results.

Prepare and analyze data with the augmented intelligence platform designed to uncover actionable insights.


Drive Superior Decisions with Financial BI.

While data exists in abundance, insights are hard to find.

With DataRails, finance professionals can access and leverage financial and operational data independently, regardless of technical competency.

Our turnkey solution lets you quickly and easily gather, prepare, and analyze data on your own.

Convert data into valuable information that can be leveraged by the executive team towards faster and more effective decision-making.



Gather all your scattered financial and operational data from all your favorite platforms in one place. ERP, GL, and CRM data included.


Perform variance, horizontal, and vertical analyses. Slice and dice data, drill down, and perform ad-hoc analyses to discover actionable insights.


Create clear visualizations with DataRails’ Insights feature to help executives see what they need to see.

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Say goodbye to data silos

Gain a holistic view of all your data. DataRails’ innovative AI technology processes, consolidates, and stores even your most complex spreadsheets on a cloud-based centralized database alongside data from any ERP, GL, CRM, or other transactional system of choice.

Easily transform your data

Manipulate numbers in order to put the pieces together. Perform variance, horizontal, and vertical analyses, slice and dice data, drill-down to the lowest level line-item, and perform ad-hoc analyses. See your data in a new light to generate novel insights.

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Unlock Insights with Financial Analytics.

Paint the executive team a clear picture- make data more digestible to the human mind by representing it visually. Simplify data to help executives see what they need to see.

Look towards the future

Move beyond visualizations towards action. Improve business objectives by providing forward-looking strategic insights, not just backward-looking financial reporting. Upgrade finance from an informative function to a strategic asset.

Revenue Performance Management
Enhance Reporting to the Board

Deliver presentations with confidence and ease

With DataRails’ unique Office native integration, pull data from your database to Excel, Word, or Powerpoint. Watch as live embedded charts update figures on the spot, in real-time. Confidently back up your answers to questions that arise on the fly.

Complete financial intelligence. Connect all your data, insights, and teams to drive ROI, speed, and growth across your business.