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DataRails is an enterprise-class software for budgeting, planning, and forecasting with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.

FP&A Automation

The DataRails cloud solution is designed for FP&A teams in medium to large companies, enabling accurate budget/forecast processes in a fraction of the time without leaving the comfort of Excel.

Automate Manual Processes

Automatic data aggregation and consolidation, producing budget/forecast you can trust.

Powerful Insights

Create accurate reports and models that pull from your centralized database for real-time analysis of any possible scenario.

Shorten budget cycle time

Shorten budget/forecast cycle time with an intuitive, cloud-based review & approval process.

DataRails provides me with the highest level of data integrity, and their outstanding data insights help us make better business decisions.

Bryan Alves, Finance Analyst, Annaly Capital

Bryan Alves, Finance Analyst, Annaly Capital See more Success Stories >

Switching to DataRails was like wearing glasses for the first time. Suddenly, everything was sharper, clearer and made more sense.

Rob Grasso Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey

Rob Grasso Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey See more Success Stories >

DataRails maximized our efficiency and made the current process incredibly effective. It was a big win for us.

WILL LEDERER Senior Finance Manager of Business Systems, ForeScout Technologies

WILL LEDERER Senior Finance Manager of Business Systems, ForeScout Technologies See more Success Stories >


DataRails enables an active planning process so that your planning is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous and gives you the speed to plan continuously using data from all corners of your business

  • Cut your planning cycle times by 82%
  • Reduce risk with real time data
  • Ensure data accuracy


Get a clear picture of your process’s status, automate data consolidation, currency translations, and reclassification to achieve efficient, faster, more accurate close process

  • Real-time financial consolidation
  • Drill down into the consolidated figures
  • Pivot from close to budget with a single click


Make better decisions faster with real-time insights. Gain valuable insights by analyzing the consolidated data with a advanced slice and dice capabilities and share them with your colleagues

  • Web-based, real-time dashboards
  • Scenario analysis (“what if” modeling)
  • In-the-moment decision making


Leaving your aging spreadsheets is no longer an expensive and overwhelming process. Thanks to the cloud capabilities and advanced technology progressing into DataRails is a matter of days

  • Self service platform that talks in your language
  • Allow your team to work as they use to
  • No training, no overhead

Gain full control, trust and compliance

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