The Best

FP&A Solution
for Excel Users

Collect, report, and analyze data with ease using the FP&A solution built for finance professionals.

Bring together all your
data in one place

Without changing how you work, build a unified database of all your numbers by automating the collection of data from each of your organizational systems and spreadsheets.
Make all your enterprise data accessible with one click.

No more wasting time on manual labor

Automate data collections for your financial and operational data, no matter what their shape or form.

This includes GL, TB, Budget, Forecast,
Sales or any other data that is generated by any organizational system or resides on any spreadsheet.

Obtain a granular view of your data 

Understand the root of any piece of information by breaking down the data right from within your existing Excel spreadsheets.

Trusted by hundreds of leading organizations including

Unlock insights without leaving Excel

Database all versions of your workbook, instead of holding on to multiple versions, to see different dimensions of your data.

Investigate databased numbers within your existing Excel files. Slice and dice data in real-time for ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

Keep management consistently in the loop

Share your insights with your team and management using a real-time web based dashboard.

Allow viewers to understand the numbers by slicing & dicing and drilling down into details on the fly. 

DataRails provides me with the highest level of data integrity, and their outstanding data insights help us make better business decisions.

Bryan Alves
Associate, Corporate FP&A, Annaly Capital

What used to take me five hours now takes me 15 minutes.

Gregory Henry
Director of Treasury, AGNC

I’m seeing so much value from DataRails. I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Marc Stewart
CFO, Lipsey Logistics

“Switching to DataRails was like wearing glasses for the first time. Suddenly everything was sharper, clearer, and made more sense.”

Director of Global Sales Operations, Bauer Hockey

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