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Keep your own Excel financial models and spreadsheets and use AI to automate repetitive processes

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Access all your data
in one place

Integrate with the most popular accounting software, ERPs and CRMs,
so all your data can be consolidated

The flexibility of Excel.
The power of Datarails.

FinanceOS allows you to keep working in your Excel environment with 100% functionality. Automated consolidation and reporting saves you time, letting you focus on the strategic insights that drive business growth.

Let your data
tell the story

  • Show stakeholders the business-critical KPIs at a glance. Because you know what they say: A dashboard’s worth 1,000 rows
  • Drill down into the underlying data in real time and answer questions on the spot
  • Get a quick grasp of a built-in visualization tool that’s easy to learn, has immediate access to all your data, and integrates with other BI tools

Powered by AI

Do you want quick answers to burning questions based on complete and consolidated finance data from across your company? AI-powered FP&A Genius provides conversational AI on your real data to give you the answers you need.

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