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Priority for accounting.
Datarails for financial planning & analysis.

Access all your financials in one place with Datarails,
whether the numbers live in Priority or in Excel. Automating
your data consolidation and reporting with Datarails
lets you spend more time analyzing your data and less
time collecting it.

Reduce manual work to improve efficiency

Spend time on strategy and analysis, not busywork. Reduce manual work by combining your data in Priority with the capabilities of Datarails to give you the tools for what’s next. Whether that be data and entity consolidation, foreign currency, or advanced reporting.

Bring together billions of data points for one source of truth without removing the flexibility of Excel.

How it works

Setting up your Priority account to Datarails is seamless. Our team of dedicated in-house FP&A customer support provides significant business value and short, serviced implementations. Join our customers currently integrating Datarails to Priority.

Unlock insights without leaving Excel

Review all areas of the business to provide management with in-depth analyses that paint an accurate picture of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Help stakeholders understand performance in areas including revenue, COGS, OPEX, CAPEX, AP, AR and others.

Use operational and financial data in tandem to get meaningful insights, and understand drivers for revenue and expense swings. These insights help drive improved behaviors going forward.

Gain a deeper understanding
of your business

As your business grows, your needs change too. With all your data centralized in one place, get meaningful insights for each segment of your business. Use Datarails to explore the high-level picture, while drilling down for full-scale granularity.

u0022Datarails maximized our efficieny and made the current process incredibly effective. It was a big win for us.u0022
Will Lederer
Senior Finance Manager of Business Systems