AI Creates Definitive Image of Most Successful Fortune 500 CFO

2 July, 2023

Datarails, the FP&A solution for Excel users, has enlisted the help of AI to reveal…

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Chief Everything Officer: What You Need to Know About CFO Stressors & Job Creep

It's no secret that the CFO role has evolved, but so have the stressors affecting…

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Finance influencers on LinkedIn say FP&A leaders are venting about doing manual tasks

About 300 finance professionals, including CFOs, are steaming mad. That’s the number of people who signed a petition launched by the tech startup Datarails...Read more

Supercharge your financial planning with these FP&A software tools

In the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) department, having the right tools can be the difference between being a strategic asset to the organization and merely crunching numbers...Read more

48% of CFOs at SMBs Are Facing Unprecedented Difficulties: Weekly Stat | CFO

CFOs, regardless of company size, feel pressure from all sides. From labor issues, ESG pressures, goals to optimize costs...Read more

SMBs expect 14% boost in finance tech spend on average

Small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. expect to ramp up their spending on finance and accounting software this year by nearly 14%...Read more

72% of Business Leaders Believe AI Will Improve Employee Productivity | CFO

While leaders believe AI’s impact on productivity may be substantial, implementation concerns remain prevalent.Read more

How CFOs think about software spend - by CJ Gustafson

26 January, 2023
Today I want to talk about software and tooling spend from a non-technical perspective...Read more

Israeli Fintech startups to watch out for in 2023 | Ctech

As part of CTech's 2022 VC survey, we asked dozens of industry executives to name…

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CFOs log shortest tenure in C-suite: study | CFO Dive

28 December, 2022
As both pressures on financial leaders rise and the need for top-tier financial leadership increases...Read more

Now is a great time to invest and even greater time for contrarian investments

11 December, 2022

Qumra Capital Managing Partner Erez Shachar has joined CTech to look at the 2023 investment…

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CFO FP&A Close-up: Modern planning and analysis | CFO Dive

In today’s uncertain economy, strategic planning and analysis is more important — and difficult — than everRead more