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The FP&A Solution for Excel Users

Collect, report, and analyze data with ease using the FP&A reporting solution built for finance professionals.

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Enjoy two free users – Saving you hundreds of dollars a month!

Bring together all your data in one place

Have confidence in your numbers thanks to automated financial statement consolidation and databasing of numbers from across your organizational systems. Estimate finances for future periods and plan operations accordingly.

Consistently report like a professional

Produce financial reports such as P&Ls, balance sheets, and cash flows with real-time figures drawn from your databased numbers. Feed data directly from your centralized database to Excel, Powerpoint, or Datarails’ Insights visualization feature and refresh charts and figures with one click. Create monthly managerial packages instantly that are populated automatically for each month-end.

Unlock previously hidden insights

With all of your cross-organizational data housed under one roof, conduct previously unimaginable comparisons and evaluations into your numbers.

Drill-down into your figures to uncover insights that were previously unattainable.

Reduce manual work and improve efficiency

Spend time on strategy and analysis, not valueless busywork. Automatic consolidation provides swift access to all the information you need to make healthy business decisions. Reduce the likelihood of human error and cut down your manual spreadsheet work by over ¾ with Datarails’ automated databasing.

Count on one reliable source of truth

Count on solid foundations for your business decisions. Have confidence in the validity of your numbers, see where they came from, and know who put them there. Enjoy full transparency thanks to a cell-level audit trail that shows you the full history of a cell, including values and formulas that have changed over time, and easily compare any two spreadsheets from any point in time.

datarails maximized our efficiency and made the current process incredibly effective. It was a big win for us
Will Lederer
Sernior Finance Manager of Business Systems