DataRails Service Level Agreement


“DataRails Sync Service”

Definition: The DataRails sync application is a powerful client that identify changes in Excel spreadsheets and sync it to DataRails cloud DB. The application runs under the local windows user credentials.


 “DataRails Admin Console”

Definition: DataRails Admin Console is the module that is responsible for managing organization based permissions and user based permissions.


“Coverage Period” or (CP)

Definition: The period of time during which the System Availability will be measured. Unless otherwise stated, Coverage Period will be equal to thirty days, expressed in aggregated number of minutes.


“Excused Down Time”

The service commitment does not apply to any unavailability, suspension or termination caused by (i) factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access or related problems beyond the demarcation point of DataRails (ii) any actions or inactions of you or any third party; or (iii) our suspension and termination of your right to use the DataRails platform; (iv) any planned maintenance that DataRails performs on its DataRails Workspace on Saturdays and Sundays (GMT).


Definition: The system is not available to end users or administrators


 “Potential System Availability” or (PSA)

The amount of time that the DataRails Sync Service, Workspace (and its Services), Dashboard (and its Services) and Admin Console should be available in each Coverage Period (CP). For example, the Potential System Availability in June would be calculated in minutes such as 30 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes or 43,200 minutes. This is excluding Periods of Excused Downtime.


“System Availability” (SA)/”System Availability Percentage” or (SAP)
Definition: In any given month, Potential System Availability less Downtime, divided by Potential System Availability, expressed as a percentage.


DataRails Sync Service,Workspace Dashboard and Admin Console Availability Measure Standards
DataRails Sync Service availability 99.95%




Severity Level First Response

First Response Time Resolution Time Contact Method Severity Acceptable Workaround Available Description
1 Hour * 1-2 Business Days* Email

Phone call

Critical No Defect with one or more of the below characteristics occur:

·     Data corruption – System data is unavailable or incorrect.

·     System hangs – The System hangs indefinitely or there is severe performance degradation, causing unreasonable wait times for resources or response as if the System is hanging.

·     A main system function supporting a business-critical process has failed, and the System functionality is limited such that critical business processes are paralyzed.

·     System crashes repeatedly.

2 Hours * 1 Week Email

Phone call

High Yes A System is usable, but an essential component of the System is malfunctioning and / or substantially impacts business operations.
8 Hours * Email Medium Yes The defect does not seriously affect business operation, causing some minor interruptions. The System is operative with some limitation on minor functions, or minor batch functions are inoperative.
8 Hours * Email Low Yes Minor mismatch of the specification or Aesthetic aspect of the system which does not impact the usability or effectiveness.


*Within Business days (e.g. Sunday – Friday) within Business hours (6am GMT to 10 PM GMT)


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