Stakeholder Benefits

Datarails is a powerful tool, and not just for the internal finance team. Various other stakeholders have much to gain from Datarails.

Management wants to understand the business better. With Datarails, they can.

Management can look into live, interactive dashboards with predefined permission levels as opposed to static information in a heavy Excel file. Management reports can be automatically updated and delivered in PowerPoint, Excel or web-based dashboards without changing how the organization works.

Now, viewing specific information and tracking KPIs and measurements is easier than ever.

Automate board reporting to ensure they see what they need to see.

With Datarails, the board can receive their regular reporting package much sooner than they’re used to – and at no extra expense of time or effort by the finance team. Real-time, online dashboards are fully customizable and can provide unique visibility to the board.

“Datarails’ easy publish-to-web makes it easy to make complex Excel files accessible for C-level executives.”
Eran Horin
CFO, proteanTecs

Speak to the needs of investors and other external stakeholders.

Customize the interaction you have with each stakeholder by defining permission levels and creating customized dashboards for each relevant party.

Stakeholders can view both financial and nonfinancial information to understand how the business is performing. Preparation of quarterly and annual reports such as 10K and 10Q can also be automated.