9 Best AI Tools for Google Sheets

Google Sheets can be a lot more powerful than many people realize, and with the help of AI tools, there are ways to skyrocket your productivity with it. From automating tasks to analyzing data, Google Sheets has many features that can save you time and increase your efficiency—and we will tell you all about them today!

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you’re in the right place to learn how to get the best out of Google Sheets.

Get to Know Google Sheets

Because this article is designed to help beginners and experienced users, let’s start with the basics. Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application. It lets you store, edit, and analyze data in real time. It offers many similar features to other popular spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel but with the added benefit of being accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Google Sheets also allows for collaboration between multiple users, making it an excellent tool for team projects or remote work. And with the integration of AI tools, you can take your data analysis and automation to the next level.

9 Best AI Tools for Google Sheets

Here are the nine best AI tools that can help you take your Google Sheets game to the next level:

1) Sheets AutoML

Sheets AutoML is a game-changer in leveraging AI within Google Sheets. This tool allows you to build custom machine learning models within Google Sheets, even if you don’t have a background in machine learning. It simplifies the process of training and using AI models for data analysis. With Sheets AutoML, you can harness the power of AI to make predictions and gain insights from your spreadsheet data.

In their own words: “AutoML enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to their business needs. Build your own custom machine learning model in minutes.”

2) MonkeyLearn

MonkeyLearn offers a convenient Google Sheets add-on that brings natural language processing (NLP) models to your spreadsheet tasks. With MonkeyLearn, you can analyze text data effortlessly. 

This tool allows you to extract insights, analyze sentiment, and categorize text data efficiently. Whether you’re processing customer feedback, social media comments, or survey responses, MonkeyLearn’s AI capabilities can streamline the process.

As they explain, MonkeyLearn saves time by automatically tagging text in Google Sheets 100 times faster and 50 times cheaper than doing it with humans.

3) Power Tools

While not strictly an AI tool, Power Tools is a must-have add-on for Google Sheets users looking to streamline data preparation tasks. Power Tools provides various functionalities (more than 40!), including advanced find and replace, text manipulation, data cleansing, and data splitting. These features can significantly enhance your data cleaning and transformation processes, saving time and effort.

It also offers a powerful merge and combine feature, which allows you to combine data from multiple sheets into one master sheet. With Power Tools, you can easily handle large datasets and automate repetitive tasks, giving you more time to focus on analyzing your data.

4) ZohoSheet

ZohoSheet is a potent AI-driven tool that complements Google Sheets, offering advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities. Integrating ZohoSheet into your spreadsheet workflow allows you to access AI-powered features that enhance your ability to derive valuable insights from your data. Whether you’re a business professional, analyst, or researcher, ZohoSheet can help you make more informed decisions and streamline your data-related tasks.

With ZohoSheet, you can analyze complex data, create interactive reports, and visualize data effortlessly. It offers machine learning-based insights, predictive analytics, and smart data-cleaning tools. ZohoSheet’s AI-powered features can help you uncover patterns, trends, and valuable insights within your spreadsheet data, making it a valuable addition to your toolkit for data-driven decision-making.

Incorporate ZohoSheet alongside your Google Sheets workflow to harness the power of AI for more advanced data analysis and reporting tasks.

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5) OpenAI’s GPT-3

OpenAI’s GPT-3, though not an official integration, can be harnessed through custom scripts and plugins to access its natural language processing capabilities within Google Sheets. GPT-3 can assist in generating natural language text and aid in various data-related tasks. It’s a powerful tool for generating text, answering questions, or providing insights based on your spreadsheet data.

How to use ChatGPT for Google Sheets

It’s worth discussing how to maximize ChatGPT for Google Sheets. Here are some tips and best practices to harness the full potential of this tool:

  • Use ChatGPT to generate text for report summaries or dashboard descriptions based on your data.
  • Ask ChatGPT questions about patterns and trends within your data, and use its generated responses to guide further analysis.
  • Utilize ChatGPT’s natural language understanding capabilities to extract insights from unstructured data within your spreadsheet.
  • Use it as a virtual assistant for data cleaning and manipulation tasks.
  • Incorporate ChatGPT’s generated insights into your decision-making process, alongside other AI-powered tools.
  • Create dummy data within Google Sheets and use ChatGPT to generate realistic-looking text for testing and training purposes.

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6) Lucidchart

While Lucidchart is primarily known as a diagramming and visualization tool, its integration with Google Sheets can significantly enhance your spreadsheet capabilities. Lucidchart allows you to create interactive diagrams, flowcharts, and visuals directly within Google Sheets, adding a visual dimension to your data analysis.

Many people exclusively access Lucidchart through Google Drive, but as they explain: “In addition to accessing Lucidchart through Drive, you can also integrate with Google Docs to add diagrams that can break up a wall of text, with Google Sheets to link data to your diagrams, and with Google Slides to add professional visuals to your presentations. No matter where you work in Google, Lucidchart is a click away.”

7) Coefficient

Coefficient is a Google Sheets add-on powered by AI, designed for data analysis and predictive modeling. It lets users perform advanced analytics, make data-driven decisions, and build predictive models directly within Google Sheets. This integration streamlines the process, saving time and enhancing collaboration among team members. 

Coefficient’s AI engine uncovers hidden insights, and its intuitive interface allows users to create and customize charts, flowcharts, diagrams, and other visuals directly within Google Sheets. These visuals can then be used for data storytelling, presentation purposes, or simply to better understand complex data sets.

8) ThoughtSpot for Sheets

This add-on for Google Sheets lets users access and analyze data from ThoughtSpot, an AI-powered analytics platform. With the integration of ThoughtSpot for Sheets, users can easily import data sets into their spreadsheets for further analysis and visualization. 

The add-on also provides access to powerful features, such as search-driven analytics, natural language processing, and predictive modeling. This offers users deeper insights and helps them make data-driven decisions directly within Google Sheets, effortlessly integrating with their workflow. The add-on also provides advanced security features to ensure data privacy and compliance. 

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9) Ajelix

Finally, Ajelix is a Google Sheets add-on that utilizes AI to assist with data cleaning and preparation. It automatically identifies and fixes spreadsheet errors, such as missing values, incorrect formulas, and mismatched data types. This not only saves time but also ensures more accurate analysis and modeling.

In addition to data cleaning, Ajelix’s AI-powered algorithms can also suggest new variables to enhance data analysis and identify patterns and trends within the data. This add-on is a valuable tool for anyone working with large, complex datasets in Google Sheets and Excel.

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Last Words: AI Tools for Google Sheets

AI-powered tools are improving how we work with data in Google Sheets and Excel. From automating manual tasks to providing advanced analytics capabilities, these add-ons are enhancing productivity and accuracy for users at all levels. Whether you’re a business analyst or a beginner user, integrating AI into your spreadsheet workflow can lead you to deeper insights and smarter decisions. Try out these add-ons and see the difference for yourself. 

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