New eBook: Solving the Data Consolidation Conundrum

Too much data. Think of it as the high-tech decluttering problem that businesses must grapple with on a regular basis.

Not that data is necessarily a problem. In fact, the right data can offer important and valuable insights that help companies make better decisions. But the challenge is that since so much data exists, it can take a long time to combine, summarize and find the right information.

To make matters even more complicated, data is often stored on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. And while Excel is packed with powerful features and capabilities, it lacks a reliable, flexible and comprehensive way to consolidate data.

How can companies rapidly and effectively combine data to get the information they need? That’s where our new eBook, Solving the Data Consolidation Conundrum, can help.

In this eBook, you’ll explore:

  • Why data consolidation is beneficial for businesses
  • How data consolidation relates to Excel
  • Challenges of data consolidation and effective solutions

What are you waiting for? Click here to grab your free copy of Solving the Data Consolidation Conundrum, and learn how to take control of your data today!