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May 9, 2014

DataRails Presents: Excel, the ‘Team Edition’

Companies utilizing complicated excel based team work for some of their standard business-related processes, including budgeting, planning, forecasting and project monitoring, are always on the lookout for technologies that would enable stronger team collaboration and improved efficiency and productivity.

May 8, 2014
Google Sheets vs Excel

Why companies don’t use Google spreadsheets – Google Sheets vs Excel

Why DataRails is the Solution to Excel Limitations that Google Sheets had Hoped to Be

May 7, 2014
Excel errors

The Top 5 Most Horrifying Excel Errors: A Halloween Special

Leading British pharmaceutical company experiences drop in shares after accidental confidential information leak

May 6, 2014
spreadsheet software

The Future of Excel in the Business World – Spreadsheet Software

Why Excel poses a risk to businesses

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