The 41 Most Awesome Finance and FP&A Influencers for 2024

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The term “influencer” might conjure up an image of an Instagram teen, perfect lives, or the CEO of a large startup company. But some of today’s modern tastemakers instead talk about the perfect Excel financial model, business partnering, cash flows, modeling, forecasts and mastering the month end close. 

Cameron Janke, former VP FP&A at HealthEquity, says his career received a boost after discovering finance leaders who post regularly online. He says: “It made me realize other people were having the same issues as me and were seeing the same things.” The best influencers in finance and FP&A understand the daily struggles, empathize with their audience, and provide practical advice and best practices.

To come up with this list, we used nominations and original reporting to find individuals with a track record of providing consistent value which appeals to both finance professionals and a wider audience. So, without further ado, here are the top influencers you need to follow if you work in finance and FP&A.

Scroll down to read the full list, which is in alphabetical order by last name.

Aliyyah Abdullah

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Aliyya began studying management, she describes as “closer to psychology”. Her content niche is experiences working with SMEs and providing insights into supply chain value. Her experience has been built over the past 15 years in finance in the food and beverage industry, most recently at Universal Foods Limited. This is reflected in her posts. Being a leading finance expert in a country of 1.4 million people, Aliyya gets to perform a number of roles (including FP&A). Recent posts include an insight that “value creation doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in cost -it can take the form of problem-solving, analyzing make, buy, or partner decisions, investing in technology and resources, and monitoring performance.”

Josh Aharonoff

Josh Aharonoff, CPA, has a passion for helping startups scale with finance and accounting support and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to his handy imaginative cheat sheets posted on LinkedIn. Posts such as 10 Finance & Accounting interview questions (with answers) or 24 Startup KPIs regularly get around 10,0000 engagements per post. His deft touch comes from a background as a CPA and running his own outsourced finance and accounting company for nearly 4 years helping Josh to communicate complex finance and accounting issues for startups into everday language. You can follow Josh on linkedin where he posts Finance & Accounting tips everyday

Paul Barnhurst

Paul Barnhurst has created a brand, The FP&A Guy and posts actionable tips and advice from his career and daily learnings about FP&A and his popular courses. This ranges from budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, financial modeling, report building, and business partnering. Paul is a Finance Professional with 12+ years of finance and FP&A experience, having worked in several industries, including the US government, travel services, finance, automotive, Cyber Security, Ecommerce. He is also the host of the popular podcast FP&A Today. Every week an FP&A leader is brought to discuss some of the biggest stories and challenges in their field with Paul adding many of his own insights and learnings from his own experience in the role over the years.

Nicolas Boucher

In the words of Josh Aharonoff (see above) Nicolas Boucher “is the OG when it comes to teaching things with stunning infographics. He also is a guru with ChatGPT for Finance”. His infographics cover the full range of finance topics in easy to digest cheat sheets. These regularly get thousands of reactions are among the most popular posts on all of LinkedIn – never mind just in finance.

Beverly Davis

Previously at JPMorgan and Citigroup Beverly Davis, founder of Davis Financial Services says her goal is “to transform finance from a back office operation to the center of business”. She posts on everything from finance as a strategy for growth to coaching on mindsets, confidence and presenting.

Mohamed ELRouby

The Middle East Africa and Global Commercial Finance Lead at Pharmanovia posts a weekly Next-Gen FP&A (XP&A) Series. These topics have included Transforming from Accounting to FP&A Business Partnering and the XP&A Revolution in planning. For a taste of his content, check out 12 Strategy Tools Every Finance Professional Should know.

Brian Feroldi

More than 90,000 readers subscribe to Brian’s newsletter demystifying the stock market and his posts on LinkedIn demonstrate his ability to simply explain previously stock market-sized concepts with beautiful and clear infographics and cheat sheets. Moreover his two-week book camp takes people from rookies to financial analysts explaining the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement in plain English.

Christian Frantz Hansen

If you want the latest updates and news in finance and FP&A, Christian posts much of the latest research around finance trends, always with his own FPA spin. 

Christian has extensive experience with finance transformation and business process optimization in large, international businesses. He has worked with General Motors, Novo Nordisk, and Lego Group. Part of his rich experience in FP&A has been training and chronicling the learning journey for 500 Finance Business Partners at Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company.

CJ Gustafson

CJ , CFO of Partstech, is master of the hugely popular Mostly Metrics newsletter at 30,000 subscribers and the Run the Numbers Poddcast. Expect talk of financial metrics (particularly SaaS) while tripping over Succession memes and GIFs. In the words of Josh Aharonoff: “CJ does a great job teaching you something new, while staying hilarious.”

Soufyan Hamid

Soufyan provides storytelling masterclasses for anyone wanting to advance into the C-suite positions and provides answers on many of the presentation questions we were afraid to ask. You should check his LinkedIn for different tips like how to deal with difficult questions , how to deploy storytelling for your dashboards and he even gets to the specifics of color coordinating your Powerpoint.  Soufyan also provides a weekly review of the 5 top FP&A LinkedIn posts – so you never have to miss great FP&A content – often from many of the growing variety of FP&A influencers we could not fit on this list.

Brett Hampson

Brett Hampson, Director of Finance, AllState knows his stuff and that is clear from his top weekly email newsletter weekly reaching 6000 subscribers email, Forecasting Performance and his detailed and valuable LinkedIn posts. Over on LinkedIn, Brett posts about everything from the power of flash reports (a summary of key financial information in the business) to how FP&A finds hidden money in a business (“FP&A is always looking for hidden money in the business. As long as you do this, you’ll be valued”) and career advice such as should  get a CMA, CFA, or CPA certification (short answer, no).

Philip Handke

After 12 years in corporate banking & real estate finance, Handke has more than 2000 students in his Excel & Financial Analysis classes cohort (“Stop surviving spreadsheets and start THRIVING in them”) and a five-minute weekly newsletter on finance, while over on LinkedIn he posts on everything from Excel hacks to what you need to know about cash flows.

Duke Heninger

Duke Heninger’s path was similar to many finance/accounting leaders including Public Accounting, becoming CPA, Controller,  FP&A and finally, CFO. His content on LinkedIn fills a gap he realized was missing for finance people. “When I left public accounting, I didn’t have anybody to turn to that would show me how to be awesome at my job.” He adds: “I learned that there are only a few things that really need to get done, and the rest is just busywork. As a fractional CFO he now applies the same methods along with his posts on LinkedIn such as tips for CFOs to “sell better”, his favorite CFO tech stack and his worst accounting clean up experience.

Glenn Hopper

Glenn Hopper is a serial start-up CFO, and U.S. Navy veteran who earned a master’s degree at Harvard. He has spent the past two decades leveraging technology for enhancing operations. Over on LinkedIn, Glenn is the number one voice for commentary and practical examples about the practical application of AI in finance. The teacher of the top LinkedIn course, Leveraging Generative AI in Finance and Accounting, Glenn posts about how Generative AI is changing the world of finance and accounting. 

Wassia Kamon

Wassia began her career in public accounting before transitioning to corporate accounting and FP&A, where she has held leadership roles. She has been overseeing both functions as the VP of Finance and Accounting for the past few years.

Her commitment to the finance profession is evident in her roles as a board member of the IMA Global Small Business Committee, and as a member of the AICPA’s Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee and Future of Finance Leadership Advisory Group. Wassia is also speaker and guest contributor, and was recognized as a 40 Under 40 CPA Honoree by CPA Practice Advisor. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Accounting Today, CFO Brew, and Strategic Finance Magazine.

On LinkedIn, her posts are practical and insightful, focused on “empowering the human side of finance.” Her most notable posts include “The Top 20 Finance and Accounting Certifications” and “Empowering Your Finance Team from Day One.”

Abdul Khaliq

Abdul’s experience runs the gamut of finance, including finance manager, accountant, controller and latterly Fractional Controller and CFO at Mak-Alpha. His day job makes great fodder for his content including best practices in developing internal controls, improving accounting practices, FP&A, and financial feasability analysis. He posts among the most consistently engaging and scroll-stopping content on LinkedIn include “8 Tips & 6 Skills for Advancing Your Career”, “The ERP System – Transactions to Reporting”, and “Financial Control Internal Controls”.

Michael King

Michael King, founder of The CFO Accelerator, coaches hundreds of  fractional CFOs and accountants in building “6 and 7-figure advisory firms”. King posts advice on the bustling fractional CFO scene at a time when demand for part-time finance chiefs working for several companies is  higher than ever. In King’s words in the next decade a small business having a fractional CFO will be just as common as bringing in a bookkeeper as hiring fractional CFOs becomes the “cost of doing business” at small and medium-sized enterprises. He also posts The 5 Minute Fractional CFO Newsletter going out to 2000 Fractional CFOs.

Oana Labes

In 2022, Oana exploded onto LinkedIn and almost instantly became the leading finance and FP&A thought leader. Favikon a listening and creator ranking platform ranks Oana as the #1 corporate and finance voice on LinkedIn. More stunningly, Oana is ranked 11th placed most influential creator on the entire LinkedIn platform and the highest ranked female in any niche. This feat is even more astonishing given the complex finance and accounting topics she posts each day. Easy to consume and often beautifully designed cheat sheets include ” 300 KPIs broken down by C-Suite role”, “Accounting vs Finance explained” and EBITDA, and Cash Flow ratios and a post on top free courses (2127 reposts and counting). Her keen understanding of how to explain complex finance in a clear and friendly way stems from a career as a serial entrepreneur and Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 17 years of commercial financing, business management and business advisory experience. Her LinkedIn posts are powerful, visually appealing nuggets with infographics and simple explanations.

Bryan Lapidus

Bryan is a Director of FP&A at the Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) a professional society committed to advancing the success of treasury and finance members and their organizations.

Bryan is a renowned FP&A leader with over 20 years of experience developing and growing companies and program initiatives. Just some of the things he posts about regularly including finance passports-the importance of finance leaders piling up a wide range of skills on their resumes and the the importance of keeping skills up to date with top FP&A courses (one of which is provided by the AFP). A true tastemaker, he also develops the trend-setting content at the AFP’s Annual Conference which provides insights and talking points for the rest of the year.

Nathan Liao

Nathan Liao has a unique value propostion in his content: helping accounting & finance pros pass the CMA exam in 16 weeks and on their first attempt. To this end 82,000+ accountants have downloaded his free CMA exam cheat sheet. The content is useful for anyone in finance- whether you are facing the mounting task of completing your CMA exam or not. Embracing the popular cheat sheet method, some of his most popular posts include “4 Inventory Methods -Advantages & Drawbacks”, Revenue vs. Profit vs. Cash and Controller to CFO: a 5-Year Plan.

Anders Liu-Lindberg

  • Followers on LinkedIn: 319,158
  • Based: Copenhagen, Denmark

Anders is the co-founder of the Business Partnering Institute and owner of the largest group dedicated to Finance Business Partnering on LinkedIn. Many people who didn’t know the ins and outs of FP&A find themselves eagerly anticipating his daily posts. This prolific content master (#financemaster) publishes his thoughts in two weekly newsletters collectively attracting 140,000 subscribers. Anders also hosts the FinanceMaster podcast.

Christian Martinez

Finance Analytics Manager at Kraft Heinz, Christian Martinez, posts daily about about the intersection of finance teams and how they can make use of practical skills in python, finance, dataanalytics, and artificial intelligence. Example posts include How to get the Top Skills of the Future (as cited by the World Economic Forum) and succeed in Analytical and Creative Thinking, AI and Big Data.

Asif Masani

Asif shares his own experience as a FP&A Manager, Coursera, on his Youtube channel with explanatory videos about all the basics . Asif has passed 10k subscribers for his newsletter FP&A Professionals – and advises many other potential FP&A influencers to get involved in thought leadership. In his current role with Coursera, he’s responsible for planning, budgeting and forecasting for India and APAC. Meanwhile, his LinkedIn channel is a treasure trove for FP&A entrepreneurs, on how to nail your first interview to the Excel Bible – a must read for any FP&A starting out or seeking to pick up some new ideas. He even shares current slang FP&A leaders use in their meetings and for posterity has revealed his Excel love story

Larysa Melnychuk

As founder of FP&A Trends Larysa has an FP&A Board in almost all major cities around the world. FP&A Trends is powerhouse of inspiration from blogs, articles, webinars and even a newsroom while “FP&A CLUB”, a LinkedIn group, provides insights and quick answers to any questions you may have.

Many will know her from the slick webinars FP&A Trends produces on best practices, trends, and a diverse range of corporate financial advice on topics from Managing Profitability in Uncertain Times to the Future of Business Modeling.

Nevena Miskovic

Experienced financial analyst Nevena Miskovic aims in her LinkedIn posts to “help Finance Juniors to Upgrade Skills and Career in FP&A and Controlling” – however even experienced finance pros can find value in her cheat sheets and guides. Her posts include “how to ensure accurate financial reporting”, “variable costs vs fixed costs” and The Profit & Loss Account Cheat Sheet (the latter with 1245 likes and counting within a week).

Ben Murray

Ben Murray has been posting valuable content for longer than all the other finance influencers on this list, and is known to his 40,000 dedicated subscribers as “The SaaS CFO”. On the number one website for SaaS finance ( Ben provides blogs, research, courses and templates based on more than 25 years running finance teams . Ben is also hired by SaaS companies: from small, private technology firms to global multi-billion dollar public companies. 

Syed Nadeem

Syed Nadeem is a top finance leader in Saudi Arabia and Founder of, for finance enthusiasts seeking valuable insights. Nadeem draws on his experience which includes being a member of the FP&A Advisory Council of the AFP, a Chartered Management Accountant, Certified Financial Modeler, and Certified Strategic CFO. Top posts include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a financial model, Mastering Your Soft Skills, and Break-Even Analysis: A Key Tool for Business Success, and his comprehensive handbook for FP&A.

Shannon Nash

Shannon Nash is Chief Financial Officer at  Alphabet-owned Wing. Wing, Originally created in 2012 within X, the Moonshot Factory, is reshaping on-demand drone deliveries. Nash’s LinkedIn posts (TV and podcast appearances, and commentary for news sites such as the Wall Street Journal) help show the power of finance to bring about revolution from the CFO’s Office. On LinkedIn she is a must-follow talking about everything from the economics of drone delivery, ESG, securing a board seat (as well as plenty of cool footage of delivery drones in action).

Anna Oblakova

Russian-born Anna Oblakova has held FP&A roles for more than 15 years primarily in the banking sector. As Head of  FP&A at Moscow-based Bank ZENIT she transformed the function of financial planning and analysis (from nothing) to a business partnership model focused on creating value, and leading a team of 10 to strategic excellence. Now based in France, the FP&A Manager of Sodastream produces posts which which include common misconceptions about the field, improving your FP&A function or how not to fall into fear over you budget and annual reporting. She is  runs the website, FPANDA club where incredible resources including her FP&A Maturity Model – a free tool involving answering questions to rate your company’s FP&A game.

Chris Ortega

If you’re looking for someone who’s always authentic and honest, coupled with great finance resources and advice, Chris Ortega is a great follow. Chris’s posts acknowledge not only professional tips in the field, but also how to improve yourself as a leader. Besides being an expert boxer, he is the CEO of Fresh FP&A – a full-service company that provides accounting, finance and FP&A. If you’ve been acquainted already it’s probably because you’ve seen him as one of the speakers on the many different conferences he attends across the US about accounting and finance. Chris also advocates time and again the importance of inclusion and diversity in finance and FP&A. 

Bojan Radojicic

Bojan, a former auditor and CFO has distilled his finance expertise and incorporated it into his daily LinkedIn posts (and of course a finance course). Highlights of his varied LinkedIn posts include Finance Modeling End to End (a cheat sheet), finance for non-finance people, and Extra powerful learning through 16 very efficient YouTube lessons in FP&A.

Ignacio Ramirez Moreno

 Billing himself as a “finance nerd” Igacio Ramirez posts  about investing, trading, research & financial markets, his favorite charts, and how to read a 10k. In one post he says: “Posting here, getting your comments, sharing a laugh – it’s one of the highlights of my day.” Delivering on his nerdiness one of his best posts for causing debate (110 comments) was 39 finance books you need to read including The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities, Principles and Stocks for the Long Run.

Chris Reilly

Chris could really help you out with his pretty neat courses for financial modeling. His specialty is being able to get “into the weeds” of a project with his experience in corporate finance, consulting, and private equity. Chris has the ability to explain even the most painstaking lessons in finance in an easy-to-learn format including mastering the learning curve for stockpiling new finance skills. Chris has truly mastered the platform – mentioning in one post that “nearly all my new business this year is from LinkedIn.”

Carl Seidman

Carl run’s his own financial advisory firm advising Fortune 500 companies on FP&A and provides daily lessons from the field. This includes for instance a post on the fact that the biggest mindshifts FP&A Teams should make is is towards”anticipation“. Interesting fact: a gifted public speaker, when aged 32, Carl left behind a six-figure corporate consulting job, and decided to travel the world. This formed the basis of a “first retirement” a phrase which he coined which formed the basis of a wildly popular TedX Talk (519,000 views and counting!) His biggest advice to FP&A professionals is to “do the reps” of public speaking to see “magic” and career advancement.

Adam Shilton

Adam Shilton has been helping hundreds of finance professionals over the past few years make informed tech decisions that have moved them closer to their goals. Currently, Adam works as a Senior Business Advisory Consultant for Thinc and is the creator and host of the Tech for Finance podcast where he interviews leading figures in the tech and finance industries.Adam’s LinkedIn channel is all about learning to work with AI in your finance team, including reviews of Microsoft Co-pilot and thought-provoking hooks such as “Finance – Did 80% of FP&A just get replaced?”, “my FREE – 161 page – AI in Finance How-to Guide” and “Finance activities you can and can’t automate”.

Aleksandar Stojanović

Stojanovic is CEO of Fiscallion is a boutique advisory firm giving strategic financial leadership in the tech, media and e-commerce sectors- and it provides a minefield of content. Highlights include The XLOOKUP vs. VLOOKUP, his FREE AI Finance & Accounting Cheat Sheet and 10 Types of Financial Models You Need To Know.

Kathy Svetina 

Kathy is a Fractional CFO. A factional CFO is a finance leader who provides a range of financial expertise to startups and fast-growing companies who are not yet able to justify a full-time CFO. However what makes Kathy even more interesting is she only serves women-owned businesses. This is part of her lifelong career goal to get more women into executive roles. Her posts talk in detail about the challenges and opportunities working with companies which see $1M to $10M in annual sales, and  the FP&A challenges of companies facing “growing pains”. She provides insights and tips on FP&A in small businesses that are always must-reads.

Muhammad Zeeshan Taqi

Based in Dubai, Muhammad is an FP&A Consultant and Start-Up Expert whose posts cover analytics, finance transformation, and finance business partnering. His newsletter, Finance Transformation Times goes out to 11,500 subscribers. Some of Muhammad’s most popular posts include Startup Metrics: Key Performance Indicators and Problem-Solving Mindsets for FP&A Professionals. Muhammad provides a fascinating insight into the finance ins-and-outs in Asia, Middle East & Europe

Howard Tunnicliffe

Howard is Head of FP&A in the subscriptions business at The Economist. The newspaper dates from 1843 and is consumed by 1,185,000 of the most highly influential subscribers in the world. Howard brings insights from his fascinating FP&A gig to his LinkedIn content which has a particular focus on soft skills in finance – he runs two courses, Become a Confident Networker, and Leadership and Influencing. He is also not afraid to highlight in his LinkedIn posts mistakes he has made in his FP&A journey and practical insights his audience can learn from them.

Terrell A Turner

Followers on LinkedIn: 14,000
Based in: Charlotte Metro
Follow Terrell on LinkedIn

Though a little more finance and accounting in scope, Terrell is a prolific content creator who also tackles how FP&A can ignite businesses. His specific niche is simplifying Accounting & Finance For Law Firms & Agencies. In this sector, Terrell has redesigned and established the financial controls systems for more than 20 law firms. He hosts 5(!) podcasts including Law and Finance, The Finance and Accounting Show. He provides crisp clips of highlights  on topics including moving from an accountant to FP&A, to hot button issues such as inflation. 

Christian Wattig

Christian is best known for creating and running the top-rated “FP&A Bootcamp” where you not only learn the essentials needed to start your career, but you also get to hear from someone with over a decade of experience at companies including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Squarespace. There are no introductions or philosophical discussions – every minute is full of advice you can implement immediately. His posts include The Strategic Plan Explained, Basic FP&A versus Strategic FP&A, and the power of a weekly forecasting call.

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