Warning: FP&A Pros Who Do This Are Likely to Get Promoted

By: Sarah Brown
Updated: May 2022

Financial Planning and Analysis professionals are experiencing an unusual trend. Normally buried in reports, cleaning and consolidation, they are increasingly finding themselves free. They are answering questions on business impact and finding new areas of growth. They are spending time with their family and getting promoted.

What is happening?

One leader of FP&A at a big company says: “We implemented Datarails about six months ago and I’m about to get a promotion. I was able to automate the boring parts of my job and focus more on building new tools and giving management a better view and insight into the financials.”

He says: “It’s really easy to create visualizations on their platform and my CFO loves the stuff I’ve been making. They just log in to the website and have instant access to the financials in real time. And the best part is that it was incredibly easy to learn. If you are good at Excel, you will learn how to navigate Datarails very quickly.”

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“I’ve been able to demonstrate to management that not meeting hiring goals is affecting revenue. They sort of knew it, but now I can show them it’s got this exponential effect on our revenue”.
Bradley McKnight

Bradley McKnight CFO at manufacturer FreightWise uses DataRails to do in seconds what took 8-10 hours. DataRails has boosted the rep of finance professionals for career-defining budget and forecasting. McKnight says: “I’ve been able to demonstrate to management that not meeting hiring goals is affecting revenue. I can show them it’s got this exponential effect.” He used new visibility from Datarails to convince management of the impact a slower pace of hiring was having at the company. It led to a turning on the taps of hiring which in turn generated a 733% growth.

In another case, a leading software company greenlit a previously unthinkable $2m investment post-Datarails. The award-winning software created new levels of insights and confidence. The Head of FP&A at a fast-growing US SaaS company, says: “It gave the board a lot more confidence in investing more this year in terms of new projects because we are very confident in the numbers that are being presented because of the granularity and detail now being presented”. 

You have been warned.

Side effects from implementing Datarails include better relationships, data integrity, constantly updated real-time data (automatic refresh of data in PowerPoint and Excel), ending errors and multiple versions.

Datarails will put your career on the fast-track. Warning: you are very likely to get promoted. Soon.

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