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April 4, 2018

3 Ways to Improve Excel Data Integrity

Maintaining accurate data in Excel can be challenging, but not impossible. Here are 3 ways for organizations to significantly improve their data integrity.
April 1, 2018

Microsoft Excel Announces Enhanced AI Features

Microsoft has announced the addition of new AI-powered “rich data” types to Excel so customers can quickly access information about stocks and geography.
March 27, 2018

4 Key Roles for Today’s

The responsibilities of the chief financial officer have evolved over the last decade, shifting from upkeep to strategy. Here are four key new roles for CFOs.
March 22, 2018

Excel Volatile Functions and Performance

Excel expert and solutions architect Dany Hoter discusses how to improve spreadsheet performance by avoiding volatile functions.
March 19, 2018

4 Key Ways Wholesalers Can Simplify Retail Reporting

Getting the right sales data from retailers can be a hassle, especially if you are using spreadsheets. Here's how to simplify the process.
March 14, 2018

Infographic: 5 Rights of Data Subjects in GDPR

GDPR goes into effect on May 25, and it will give EU citizens more control over their personal data. Here are several of their new rights.
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